The name “Born Like Others” means every child is born like another; the privileged, the orphan, the disabled, the uneducated, the sick or the homeless.

We believe that all people are equal before God and they should be treated with equal respect, love and care. We believe everyone has been created by God for a purpose but because of circumstances and challenges, some people live an un-desirable life that God never meant for them.

Give monthly

Our continued work is only possible because of the generous giving of our supporters via child sponsorship, fundraising, individual giving. If you would like to sponsor a child at ‘Born Like Others‘ we will provide you with information about children needing support.

Become a volunteer

We appreciate and value the time our volunteers are able to offer by supporting us. Born Like Others delivers services and programs that encourage and support the aims and objectives of the organization.

Sponsor a child

If you decide to support a child, you will be able to communicate with them either by writing or by live video calls. We will support you in building a relationship with the child and engaging with their development and growth

We are very grateful for any support towards the purchase of a new property in Uganda to build a permanent home for the children at Born Like Others.

Up to this point we have used rented spaces to house the children. We have outgrown our existing space and finding a space large enough to house a large number of children is very challenging, if not impossible, to come by. In addition, the government has informed us that we will need to move to a larger space. It’s a very challenging time, and yet there is something very exciting about having more stability and a space to be more self-sustaining.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 USD which will allow us to buy between 10-15 acres of land to build a permanent home for the children. We anticipate the home will provide enough capacity to accommodate over 60 children and 4 staff with room to expand in the future. We also have plans for the property that include sustainable farming to provide a reliable food source for the children as well as chickens and other animals. Long term we envision opening a school for the children at Born Like Others and children in the local community.

I thank you and the children thank you for coming out to learn more about Born Like Others. Your support allows us to ensure a bright future for these vulnerable children.

Fundraising accomplished 75K of 100K

We would love to have you,

would you consider visiting us?

Volunteering at Born Like Others almost guarantees that your life will be impacted in a positive way. The Love, passion, happiness, friendship, and care one experiences with the kids and staff while here is authentic, this has left many volunteers’ lives challenged and changed forever. Most Volunteers who come, never want to leave when their time is over, and they often call Born Like Others their second home.

Volunteers get an opportunity to travel around the country, visiting different communities and see many beautiful sights. Uganda is ranked one of the friendliest and welcoming countries in the world, gifted by nature. You will definitely discover why Uganda is called the “Pearl of Africa”.