Our continued work is only possible because of the generous giving of our supporters via child sponsorship, fundraising, individual giving and one off gifts. If you would like to sponsor a child at ‘Born Like Others‘ or within the community, we will provide you with information about children needing support.

If you decide to support a child, you will be able to communicate with them either by writing or by live video calls. We will support you in building a relationship with the child and engaging with their development and growth

You can give a full monthly Sponsorship or Half Monthly Sponsorship for a child!

A break down of the monthly expenses of a child!

Food &  provision of  three meals a day, 
School Fees & Supplies

fees paid three terms a year, High school can cost more

Accommodation & Utilities We rent the facility we use for the children’s Home. 
Medical Care      
Staffing salary/upkeep for the staff that help us in running the children’s home