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That was the primary reason why Akari continued walking and didn’t wait to see who was on the other side of the train passing by. 5 centimètres par seconde raconte la relation entre deux personnages, Takaki et Akari. 5 Centimeters per Second (Japanese: 秒速5センチメートル, Hepburn: Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru) is a 2007 Japanese animated romantic drama film by Makoto Shinkai. However, right when she was about to confess her feelings for him, a rocket launch takes place and diverts Takaki’s attention away. Although, she wrote it for Takaki, Akari decided to keep it for herself. The young man basically “froze” his relationship at its peak / infatuation phase. Meanwhile, Akari is preparing to get married to another man. As expected, Akari moved on and allowed herself to love someone else. Lire ses 554 critiques, Suivre son activité When Is Violence Justified? Les premiers plans du second segment, Cosmonaute, sont explicites à ce niveau-là, le cinéaste usant de multiples contre-plongées laissant le cadre être envahi par un ciel aux infinies subtilités chromatiques. Kanae Sumida, a classmate of Takaki, has been in love with him ever since meeting him in junior high school but has never had the courage to confess her feelings. Tenmon 秒速5センチメートル Takaki and Akari, two very close friends and classmates, attended elementary school together. Le film, centré sur Takaki qui n'arrive pas à se détacher de ses sentiments pour Akari, est découpé en trois parties (enfance, adolescence, âge adulte). été fourni. J'ai déjà dis la raison pour la 1ere exception, pour la deuxième, c'est parce qu'il y a un cocktail émotionnel délicieusement subtil à mon goût. Takaki and Akari begin a dual narration, both recalling a recent dream. Unlike Takaki, Akari has moved on, she’s living her life and has a fiancé, with whom she’s going to marry very soon. Why? As a result, she often waits for Takaki after the classes so they can ride home together. T1 - Tomomi Usui – chronique BD, Le blog de Cléo – Beka, Grégoire Mabire - chronique BD, Le col de Py . Akari never asked Takaki to save his love for her, as a matter of fact, he was the one who “cut her off” of his life. Politique de cookies | The DVD was released on 19 July 2007 in Japan. She also comments that film "never comes out and tells you what the characters are feeling. Histoire de vies... – chronique BD, Eiffel, "Stupor Machine" - la chronique de l’album, Aux armes et cætera & Mauvaises nouvelles des étoiles. Well, Akari stopped for a brief moment, which means she thought about him in that moment. 5 centimètres par seconde est un film réalisé par Makoto Shinkai avec les voix de Kenji Mizuhashi, Yoshimi Kondou. Takaki departs from the train station the next morning, and the two promise to continue writing to each other. At this point, Takaki and Akari are still keeping in touch with each other through letters. 5 Centimeters Per Second: A Chain of Short Stories About Their Distance: Synopsis: Saviez‑vous que les p tales de cerisier tombaient la vitesse de cinq centim tres par seconde ? They crossed paths at the same exact spot where they expressed their wish of watching the cherry blossoms together when they were kids (before Akari moved away). She tries to spend time with him, waiting long after school for the chance to travel home together. And why did Takaki smile at the end? When Takaki's parents tells him that they are to move to Tanegashima, he decides to meet Akari when he still has the chance. Takaki is now a programmer in Tokyo. Takaki finds himself in a convenience store reading a magazine about the rocket he saw launched in years ago. In 5 Centimeters Per Second, a boy and a girl get separated, and then try to meet with each other.. The two quickly become best friends due to similar interests and health issues. As in Shinkai's previous works, Tenmon composed this film's soundtrack. First and foremost, Takaki has ladies that are into him. [37] The film was Japan's fourth most popular Blu-ray film in 2008. Cependant, le temps les a définitivement séparés et seul un souvenir commun les relie. However, with time the letters become less frequent. In the end, Takaki stops to see if Akari is on the opposite side of the railway crossing. However, once the train was gone, she was gone too. The author is Shinta Kanou, who also wrote the novels for Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, two of Shinkai's other films. La vie les séparant, l’amour les fera se retrouver une dernière fois dans la première histoire. C’est bien simple : avec son souci du détail qui fait prendre vie au moindre élément d’un environnement hallucinant de réalisme (des enseignes de la ville au plus petit reflet d’une flaque d’eau), l’œuvre se révèle ni plus ni moins comme l’un des plus beaux films d’animation jamais réalisés.  Titre original : Byousoku 5 Centimeter What fate awaits Takaki and Akari, and will they be able to meet again. Lire ses 78 critiques. [18][19] The Blu-ray version of the film has been released on 18 April 2008 in Japan. aVoir-aLire.com, dont le contenu est produit bénévolement par une association culturelle à but non lucratif, respecte les droits d’auteur et s’est toujours engagé à être rigoureux sur ce point, dans le respect du travail des artistes que nous cherchons à valoriser. Merci. Takaki Tōno is a young boy living in Tokyo. 5 Centimeters per Second In 1999, Takaki is now in the third year of senior high in Tanegashima, where the Tanegashima Space Center is located. The photographs in the novel were also taken by Shinkai. [16][17] The film's Region 2 DVD release date was pushed back from 4 March 2008 to April 2008. Meanwhile, Akari pulls out a letter from her bag. However, wouldn’t you stop walking to greet an old friend? Si vous aimez ce film, vous pourriez aimer ... Bande-annonce Les Croods 2 : le clan préhistorique face à une nouvelle famille, Matthew McConaughey révèle avoir été agressé sexuellement dans son autobiographie, Bande-annonce Médecin de nuit : Vincent Macaigne et Pio Marmai au coeur d'un trafic de médicaments, Joker : Jared Leto retourne des scènes pour Justice League Snyder Cut, Les Croods 2 : une nouvelle ère Bande-annonce VF, Quand les tomates rencontrent Wagner Bande-annonce VO, 5 cm par seconde - Edition Collector Spéciale Fnac (DVD), Les 10 films de super-héros qu'il faut avoir vus dans sa vie. For instance, Akari and Takaki start together (cherry blossom tree) but due to distance and time, the two individuals start to eventually drift apart (the fall of the petals). [13] The title was licensed by ADV Films and scheduled for a December 2007 release,[14][15] but the release was delayed until March 2008. 1 Plot 1.1 Cherry Blossom (桜花抄, … Takaki still longs for Akari to the detriment of his lifestyle. However, why did Akari keep walking? Stoker (2013) Ending Explained: Why Did India Kill Charlie? Depressed, Takaki quits his job, unable to cope with his feelings for Akari. Et Makoto Sinkai encore plus que les autres. They promise to continue writing letters to each other. It is 2008. It never follows a strict storyline, but between the interactions on the screen and well-timed shots of lonely landscapes, everything is as clear as night and day". Looking for information on the anime Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimeters Per Second)? Je sais pas trop si c'est dans le style, les dessins, l'atmosphère, ou je ne sais quoi, mais ils ont un truc. In this case, sometimes it’s upsetting to watch Takaki managing is life. Living in the past was a choice that Takaki made. On opposite sides of the tracks, they stop and begin to look back, but passing trains cut off their view. [25] On 13 August 2010, Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao announced plans to release titles on DVD, starting with 5 Centimeters per Second. Kanae Sumida, a classmate of Takaki, has been in love with him ever since meeting him in middle school but has never had the courage to confess her feelings. Jeux concours | If Takaki really wanted Akari, he would have gone out of his way to find her. However, Akari’s parents are on the move again, meaning that Akari has to continue her studies in another school. Manga : 5cm per Second, Année : 2010. Due to the physical distance between the two, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the friendship. Director [27] In 2015, Discotek Media announced that it had licensed 5 Centimeters per Second for a DVD release on 2 June that year,[28] and then 28 February 2017 on Blu-ray. Le film est finalement long, mou et fade. There are flashbacks of a woman sending a couple of messages to Takaki, they are presumably from his ex-girlfriend. Deux ans après La Tour au-delà des nuages, Makoto Shinkai livre avec 5 cm Par Seconde, l’un des plus beaux films d’animation jamais réalisés. 3 abonnés In the end, Akari did what Takaki should have done many years ago: move on. Kanae observes that Takaki is always writing emails to someone or staring off into the distance as if searching for something far away. 5 Centimeters per Second (秒速5センチメートル, Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru) is a 2007 Japanese animated romantic drama film produced, written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. If Takaki was so in love with Akari, why did he stop writing to her? Both Akari and Takaki head out of the train station to seek refuge. Données Personnelles | Il faut qu'il soit de papier pour que leur romance me touche.Honte sur moi.A part ça, si ce n'est la troisième partie que je trouve frustrante, le film est très bien, voire excellent. [21] The film is also licensed in Taiwan by Proware Multimedia International. Nonetheless, Akari and Takaki’s relationship did not change overnight, it happened slowly just like the fall of the cherry blossoms. EPISODE 1 – CHERRY BLOSSOM. Mais sinon c'est un beau film ! Why? One day while walking down the same road they had when they were children, Takaki and Akari appear to pass and recognize each other at the train crossing, the same place they had promised to watch the cherry blossoms together thirteen years ago, just before Akari moved to Tochigi. Il s'acharne pour ça à surdramatiser le récit, en investissant la forme au détriment du fond, du rythme, des identités des personnages, etc. Durée : 1h03mn One day while walking down the same road they had while they were children, Takaki and Akari appear to pass and recognize each other at a train crossing. A chaque fois que je le regarde, ce film me montre que je ne suis qu'un #@% qui déteste les acteurs de chair et de sang. It is 2008. Sans jamais y parvenir par ailleurs, chose magnifiquement traduite par une mise en scène distante, qui réserve l’intimisme à ses uniques personnages tout en interpellant le spectateur sur la richesse d’un tel instant. Takayo Nishimura Le Seigneur des Anneaux : 6 acteurs qui se sont blessés sur le tournage, Le Hobbit : un voyage inattendu sur France 2 : Ian McKellen (Gandalf) a failli quitter le tournage. Fear of rejection. | mot de passe oublié ? 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Le style Shinkai dans toute sa splendeur, reconnaissable entre mille, et que plusieurs voix off, omniprésentes, contribuent à magnifier.


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