amasya province
However, this is likely to be biased.[6]. It was the home of the geographer Strabo and the birthplace of the 15th century scholar and physician Amirdovlat Amasiatsi. mais. Social life in this city, partly owing to tourism, becomes more animated especially during the summer period. Traditional Ottoman houses near the Yeşilırmak and the other main historical buildings have been restored; these traditional Yalıboyu houses are now used as cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels. Hadji Shadgeldi Pasha took Amasya from the Eretnids under Ali Bey, and successfully fended off the claims of Kadi Burhan al-Din, who had supplanted the Eretnids. Esta versão do nosso Web site é dirigida a falantes de Português em Portugal. The dist… For other uses, see New Republic (disambiguation). If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Bakla dolması (dolma with a filling of meat and broad beans) is another characteristic local specialty. Tokat from east, Tokat and Yozgat from south, Çorum from west, Samsun from north. The population of Amasya at this time was very different from that of most other cities in the Ottoman Empire, as it was part of their training for the future sultans to learn about every nation of the Empire. Armenian: Ամասիա, Ottoman Turkish أماصيا, and modern Turkish Amasya all represent the same pronunciation. Sadly, while he was working he was sent the false information that Shirin had died; upon which he threw himself onto the rocks in his grief. Many visitors came to the city to witness this spectacular event. Despite the mountainous location, it is not far above sea level. Districts are Goynucek, Gumuşhacikoy, Hamamozu, Merzifon, Suluova and Tasova. The population varies seasonally, most people are here during the summer tourist season. Although near the Black Sea, this area is high above the coast and has an inland climate, well-suited to growing apples, for which Amasya province, one of the provinces in north-central Anatolia Turkey, is famed. Amasya Province (Turkish: Amasya ili) is a province of Turkey, situated on the Yeşil River in the Black Sea Region to the north of the country.. Its provincial capital is Amasya, the antique Amaseia mentioned in documents from the era of Alexander the Great and the birthplace of the geographer and historian Strabo. [12] After the disappearance of a local Christian, several Jews living in town were blamed for killing him for ritual reasons. Palace and a secret underground passageway. [9] Schools, mosques, tombs and other architecture of this period still remain. Around the year 112, the emperor Trajan designated it a part of the province of Cappadocia. Amasya, between the Black Sea and inner Anatolia, lies at the centre of a region of fertile plains crossed by the Yeşilırmak, Çekerek, and Tersakan rivers.Despite being near the Black Sea AmasYa has Hot summers and moderately cold winters. [8] A number of Ottoman princes were sent to the province of Amasya (the Rûm Eyalet) as governors in their youth, from Mehmed II in the late 14th century to Bayezid II in the 15th century, through to Murat III in the 16th century. Villages have economically concentrated relations with districts of Amasya. [8] It served as their capital until the annexation of the Danishmendid dominions by the Seljuk ruler Kilij Arslan II. Sucrose, dairy products, egg, sunflower oil, provender, flour, yeast are major agro-based industries in Amasya; the industrial products are relatively limited. In Ottoman times Amasya was well known for its madrassas, especially as a centre for the Khalwati Sufi order.


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