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.. @SrBachchan keep always smiling😍 much love to you sir 💖❤🌹 Just as scientists claim that they have discovered … In the same blog, he also wrote about the effects of COVID-19 on a patient's mental health. They were earlier home quarantined, but a week ago, they were also hospitalised. There are the nurses and the doctors on visit and medicine care .. but they ever appear in PPE units .. you never get to know who they are , what are their features, expressions because they are forever covered in the units for protection .. all white beings about .. almost robotic in their presence .. they deliver what is prescribed and leave .. leave because longer stay has the fear of contamination .. Fans have been reacting to the poem in the comments section of his Twitter post. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. That would be the end of life .. would it not ? Amitabh Bachchan has been sharing a lot of poems and stories through his official blog post. SO .. be it there and be it then and be it .. B, Jalsa, Mumbai                   Oct 20, 2020                  Tue 11:02 PM, .. errors occurred .. brought to notice by efficient Ef and later by respondents on the social platform .. action taken , correction made and apologies offered .. ethically correct .. done. © 1998-2020 Zee Media Corporation Ltd (An Essel Group Company), All rights reserved. DAY 4591. Amitabh Bachchan has been constantly updating his social media accounts to reach out to his fans and well-wishers. thats what I said early times of the Blog that each comment shall receive a reply and it never happened .. a regret that haunts me ever each day .. but there is desire to do so .. never fear the mind doth know what needs be done .. .. let me see if some can be done today .. some .. yes .. some not all .. hope that shall have the understanding of many .. ‘rapid voice reflection’ and its anatomical professional trained beings are a rarity .. but they exist and they work on the quality of the voice and its intonations and its deliverance and its correctness to be in the parachuted world of todays worked industrious load .. there is a training of it .. there is a method and research to its rendering .. to the construct of sentences that is recorded by the probable employed or job seeker .. to judge whether all is right or wrong .. the construct of the sentences make no sense in its appearance but the letters and words used in its successive rendition gauge the dexterity with a probable candidate and his or her compliance with the need .. its an art .. its a studied profession .. its years of absolute amateur training .. and rendition .. it is fascinating how they function .. and its fascination shall be discussed and informed in the days to come soon I hope .. .. in the absence of the normal in these trying times one attempts to attempt the that which has not been indulged in and findings prove that not much has changed except that the results have been in greater rapidity and the experimentation .. errr .. not too distant for the original .. .. a few awkward positioning of the mind and body, but in the end all in released emotion of completion where all parties are in satisfied glee .. .. its time to be in that company again .. Here are some fan reactions about Amitabh Bachchan’s blogs. Having inspired generations for ages, it is safe to say his legacy continues to go on. . I present myself in the look of the seen and wonder at the times that have left impressions for long to be in the damaged state  .. .. it is difficult at times to be in honour .. to be in justifiable honesty on the deed .. but they that do know insist that it must be spoken .. so I speak in no longer hushed tones of unlikely self aggrandisement .. in the domain of the GEN X and in hope it shall create an adversary that demands the right to be wronged and the wrong to be righted .. .. peculiar is it not .. but that is how the World doth treat all .. in the desperation of its intrinsic valued , and sensitised evolvement .. .. be sensitised , be in such close proximity to sanitised .. and vive live the difference .. for their mix could almost be in unison with the reality of what it demands.. though the difference inferred is futile .. the sensitised has already lived the life sanitised .. … a post thought .. post the imposition of the pandemic , how rapidly the content of the sanitiser has gained presence .. gained the liquidity .. gained the drenched environ of its chemistry and chemical construct .. the vile has been sanitised as has the purity .. and neither shall ever learn the compliance of thought word and deed .. .. until it has been squeezed out of its caged domain, Jalsa, Mumbai                       Oct 18/19,  2020                  Sun/Mon 12:48 AM. There are times when the Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) quiz-programme and its renowned anchor Amitabh Bachchan touch not just the minds but the hearts of viewers. I never did and never did for long and very long , like, just a few months ago .. the asking has developed understanding reason and the deliverance of so much it is difficult to imagine, it was unknown .. .. there shall be disbelief .. there shall be the mock .. there shall be the humiliated demeanour .. but better understanding of the demeanour now than to never have it amongst us .. within us .. about us .. .. It is believed that they shall succeed in doing so .. Amitabh Bachchan needs no introduction.

.. as the pending work load nears some completion the relief of subjective ease flashes about and time is spent with them that have been neglected for long .. .. there is long Zoom, the latest weapon of mass communication, too on different issues , more of which shall be in the presence shortly .. .. and then the heart stopping games tonight on the pitch .. .. be the steadfast procurer of the mode of bearing than that of expression .. many be the cause for the finding of meaning .. it is a gamble .. it is a riddle .. it is is a bird .. no its Superman .. .. doubts and the efforts to decipher shall be in vain .. such is the content of the written .. the written shall ever be in interpretation .. for one a one , for another another .. such be the law of nature .. no two objects of living be of same structure .. when nature denotes the coding , who are we to question it .. it would be futility personified  .. .. so I remain personified .. yes one did write in the attitude of the written and felt its alternate .. but when the side explained itself in the tones unknown, there was acceptance .. .. the nature of life itself has become one of putting out to the world of communicative device the opinion views and sides of each individualistic per se .. it is the norm .. it be not harmful .. but it gives liberty the square meter space of its land to spread out the greenery in abundance .. whether it shades or not is unimportant .. it must be given .. and so be it .. .. the process of response is a process unending .. each wishes for the greeting to be acknowledged .. and if not reminds of it .. when done it responds with gratitude .. .. this is love and care and the company of the Ef and more .. but the more too of the counters to fill and the space in the cards to be limited in mega terms .. so some of it gets no notice .. .. the other recent ailment be the undelivered .. it is sent from one .. it reaches not the other .. at times it reaches another medium or platform without notice .. and I wonder if this is just the conditioning of my machine or something that is omnipresent through out  .. .. the ability of 7 + billion audios to be heard and delivered is the modern unique .. the ability of their heard to be in contention is the world of today .. of the three pillars of democracy, the three estates - the law makers, the interpreters and the judgement on them , have another in their midst, the fourth estate  - the media .. they inform and pass and conduct opinion .. the fifth has just been born .. the social media .. strong and at times influential and pertinent .. .. within my lifetime 2 have evolved .. by the appearance of the Gen X or Z or whatever be their alphabet, how many more should we expect .. .. the more the merrier they say in the idiom .. would the more be of the dilution of content, and thereby reduce the effect .. who knows and cannot say .. .. let the Gen X worry about it for now .. .. me .. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. The aftercare has ever been the deciding and most valuable time on recovery after the incident of medical professional doctoring in the patient life .. The mental state sparks from the stark reality that the COVID patient, put in hospitalised isolation, never gets to see another human .. for weeks .. Jalsa, Mumbai                     Oct 22/23,  2020                   Thu/Fri 1:03 AM. Jalsa, Mumbai Sept 25/26, 2020 Fri/Sat 12:19 AM BUT .. in the early morn .. so .. Jalsa, Mumbai                     Oct 19/20,  2020                  Mon/Tue 12:37 am. Big B shared a collage of his pictures and captioned it with, “... yoooo hooo .. back to the grind .. 4 campaign films, 5 outfit changes, 4 still shoots .. 5 hrs .. one day .. other than me everyone else looking like they ready for a ‘heist’ .. and tomorrow on to KBC !!”.

Abhishek's actress wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and their daughter Aaradhya have also tested positive. It has managed to gain massive popularity over the internet. !May all your demons be conquered!

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New Delhi: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently admitted to Mumbai's Nanavati Hospital after he was tested positive for coronavirus, has been constantly updating his social media accounts to reach out to his fans and well-wishers. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. For nine nights The Goddess fought.Each night she defeated one demonOn the first night she quelled Kama, the demon of Lust On the second she extinguished Krodha, the demon of AngerThen on the third she dispelled the demon of Attraction, MohaThen she shattered Lobha, the demon of GreedIn the fifth night She came face to face with the demon Mada, and vanquished Hubris.On the sixth night she confronted the swirling demon of Jealousy, Matsara and defeated itThen still smiling with the energy of Beauty, she went forward and smote the Ugliness of Swartha, the demon of SelfishnessOn the eight night she killed Anyaya, injusticeOn the ninth night using only her kindness she banished Amanavata, the dreadful demon of CrueltyThen on the morning after the ninth night, She was about to rest when She realised that her most difficult foe was upon Her.She sat in the Lotus position laid down all her weapons and with a gentle sigh and a quiet smile, She dissolved the final demon.
A netizen trolled Amitabh Bachchan as he thought that the actor is promoting Amul. More later in the morning .. going to rest now .. Jalsa, Mumbai                   Oct 14,  2020                 Wed 11:20 PM. He revealed the same through an Instagram post. But if there are select translators on the Ef please help me out ..

He was admitted along with actor son Abhishek Bachchan, who is also coronavirus positive. Taal Thok Ke: Coronavirus vaccine availability will influence Bihar election? I am Amitabh Bachchan. I spread the silence of this isolation in the presence of they that be with me from the time of the time 4612 back to 1 .. .. the volume of the responses that be given and is in intent to be given has been given the time and personal written for the Ef and those that are often not known .. but the affection needs and should be given response .. which is being done .. and yet there is a large section of the mountain that shall need attention .. The actor also shared a post on his Twitter that managed to gain a lot of attention to his blogs. All rights reserved.


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