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Today, I want to share with you Susan Scott’s Confrontation Model in the hope it will be helpful to you next time you need to have a “fierce conversation” with someone you care about. fierce® CONVERSATIONS Post-Training Discussion MANAGER GUIDE Coaching Conversations teaches how to have developmental coaching conversations using the Mineral Rights Model. In our view, framing is the most critical element within a fierce conversation. Fierce Conversations – The Mineral Rights Conversation (Source: Fierce Conversations – Author: Susan Scott) Process Questions to Get There… Tracking Name the Issue What is the most important thing we … Fierce conversation is about listening and questioning rather than holding forth your point of view. “Mineral Rights” is a metaphor for a deep, meaningful conversation. A proven approach employed by think tanks, you will utilise this robust model … The team conversation model … Come out from behind yourself into the conversation … It is about finding out other points of view. 1. Susan Scott; 2 The 7 principles of Fierce Conversations. Fierce Conversations seminars are instructor-lead sessions that provide practical tools and techniques to handle all types of conversations, whether collaborating in project meetings, providing feedback to a direct report or colleague, or confronting an uncomfortable issue. The Seven Principles of Fierce Conversations Team Model; Team Model (Beach Ball Conversation) Identify and resolve tough challenges providing momentum to team members and ensuring everyone is “on board” regarding goals, directions, and key strategies. The Seven Steps of Fierce Conversations. Title: Fierce Conversations 1 Fierce Conversations. One particular model we explored during the day was the “beach ball conversation” – so-called because, just as a beach ball consists of multiple competing colours, the beach ball conversation … Fierce conversations are about communicating in a direct, dynamic and effective way. Michael Hall, a leader in the field of NLP compares fierce conversations … Finding Out What You Know According to the author, “a careful conversation is a failed conversation… Fierce Conversation Training is based on the principles of Susan Scott’s business best-sellers Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time, Fierce Leadership – … … Register Now. Fierce Conversations Jan 24, 2019. Fierce Coaching builds on the ideas, objectives and principles of Fierce … There are a number of models for engaging in a fierce conversation. Susan Scott, leadership development architect and bestselling author of Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time, will introduce you to transformational ideas and principles that will shift your basic understanding of conversations … Master the courage to interrogate reality ; 2. Susan Scott discusses her top three tips when engaging into "Fierce Conversations" and what to be mindful of when doing so.


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