bulli mine disaster victims
David Bouren married lizzie and had a son billie Webweaver : Kerrie Anne Christian – bdhcbulli@gmail.com, Closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic - hope to re-open about October - November. 4 talk about their experience of the disaster – from the film Blood on the Coal. An inquiry found that management had become lax about safety and allowed the miners to remove the mesh from their lamps despite the dangerous gas build-up. Kerrie Anne Christian. Watch survivors of Moura No. 23, Jane Cope, mother of lad blown out of pit and slightly hurt, special grant, £25; Rescue crews went into the mine to look for survivors. Next it was the the 1887 Bulli mining disaster where Melvina lost her second husband – William Walker, her 2 sons from her first marriage George and Henry Coombs as well as her cousin George Ralph and her brother in law John Walker. A number of families lost more than one member in the disaster. Ruth Bouren married Amos Plummer had a son geffrey and 2 daughters I believe Bulli colliery accident: report of Royal Commission. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. From here the bodies were taken by horse and carriage to graveyards belonging to the Church of England in Park Road Bulli, the Presbyterians in Grey Street Woonona…. NSW Health says six coronavirus cases after Stanwell Tops wedding; Thirroul festival cancelled, Local business opportunities to engage with the Council. Emily Bouren married jack swan they had 3 children Lucy, ernie and florie The commemoration starts at 1.30pm at the Mine Disaster Memorial in Park Road, Bulli, between the Railway Bridge and St Augustine's Bulli. 37, Agnes Mackey, mother, bonus £20. This picture shows Constable Richard Trevillian recording the unfortunate men’s names. It started 5th October 1871 with the death of John Coombs in a rock fall in the Bulli mine, he was the first husband of my Great Grandmother Melvina new Allum. 31, Annie Newton, widow, 40, six children, bonus £45, annuity £90; YOU can also make a small donation towards the running of The Bulli & Clifton Times and/or the Looking Back websites through Paypal. Jane Bouren-married William Booth, they had 2 boys William and Henry booth, on account of fortnight’s supplies, making a total payment of £1417 19s. Alice Bouren married James lay and had 2 daughters beryl and Norma. A number of families lost more than one member in the disaster. Cecil Cavill (Knight) – part of the Cavill and Knight families of Woonona, Bulli and Sherbrooke. Martha (mattie) Bouren married eddy harriss, children were Edna who married into the Hammond and billy harriss *9, Mary Hickman, widow, 33, four childron, bonus £40, annuity £70; A fourth son, David Bouren, died in the Old Bulli Mine due to natural causes about 40 years later in 1928. 16, Edwin Knight, guardian of late Wm. The mine was known to be gassy. Bulli colliery accident: report of Royal Commission. Gd. 29, Mary Ann Jackson, widow, 30, four children, bonus £40, annuity £70; The investigating commission was scathing in their findings. *5, Mary Smith, widow, 45, flvo children, bonus £4210s., annuity £80 ; I’ve never visited the memorial, as I’ve only discovered this site whilst researching my family tree. Our Black Diamond Museum Heritage Centre is a, Bulli Black Diamond Museum & Heritage Centre, Black Diamond Villages of the old Bulli Shire, Parkinson – Henry William (Constable) family, Land – How Woonona Grew : Housing & Real Estate, Butchers of Bulli-Woonona and the Black Diamond Districts. This picture shows Constable Richard Trevillian recording the … 34, Harriett Cavill, grandmother, bonus £20, annuity £20 ; William Williams – information has been found on the Woonona Project Group on Facebook – a member of the group Dan Meehan has shared a photo of William’s youngest daughter Elizabeth “Lizzie” Williams – Knight who was adopted by Woonona Coalminer Edwin Knight (Note – not the Sherbrooke Edwin Knight!) The 130th Anniversary of the Disaster was commemorated on March 23 1887 and we hope to continue to collect their stories. The Bulli Black Diamond Heritage Centre's next Quarterly meeting is on Sunday December 2nd 2018 - 4.30 pm at the Museum. 26, Emily Poppitt, widow, 34, three children, bonus £37 10»., annuity £6 Together with the minutes of evidence and appendices.RC 1887 PDF, 49761.3 KB, The Bulli Mining Disaster 1887, lessons from the past. : 1848 - 1957), Sat 26 Mar 1887, Page 10 - THE BULLI COLLIERY DISASTER. Others believed that the miners, forced back to work at the end of the strike in February, were coerced into signing agreements that penalised workers for complaints about safety. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. POLICE officer Richard Trevillian had the unfortunate and difficult job of recording the names of the victims of the Bulli colliery explosion, which claimed the lives of 81 men and boys on March 23 1887. cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pearl bouren-married bob McInnes, they had possible 3 children, Robert and Ruth The services will be followed by wreath laying at the memorial monument. The resulting explosion blew out supports and caved in parts of the mine. At the launce of the book at the Bulli Miners' Cottage, a memorial wall was unveiled listing the names of all mineworkers who had been killed in the district. annuity £20. A list of payments to the Widows and Orphans was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on September 19 1887. was paid on account of relief, and £98 12s. The victims were laid out in a large timber shed located at the corner of what is today Hobart Street and the Princes Highway.


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