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There was nothing sylvan about the River Slope Mine, an anthracite pit operated by the Knox Coal Company near the grimy coal-mining city of Pittston. But the other guy said he "had" to go back.In either case, I just wanted to share this with you and other readers.Thanks! There were all kinds of secret passages, rooms filled with cult fetishes that missionaries had brought back from all over the world and a strange little room with a hidden window through which the cult leader would watch his guest as they slept without the slightest inclination on their part. ... Pennsylvania Disasters. As we all know mining disasters devastate the local community and it is very uncommon for the accident to be forgotten. I followed up on every site that hit on my Google search and the basics of the story remained the same, along with the sited source. No, it was the small percentage of fans there who you could tell were absolute nuts. I was led to this site after reading about something strange in a PEnnsylavania mine on another site. There was no electricity for hundreds of miles and it was a new moon. PENNSYLVANIA, DIXONVILLE - Mine inspector Glenn E. Berger reported in 1944 to his superiors that the Dixonville mine disaster which "killed" 15 men was not the result of a cave-in, but rather an attack by underground creatures capable of manipulating the earth [partial cave-ins], whose domain the miners had apparently penetrated. On August 27, 1963 rescuers used a new technique to drill a borehole that successfully freed two coal miners trapped for nearly 2 weeks by a shaft cave-in 320 feet below ground. The young lady that took the question was very puzzled, she personally had never heard of the Dixonville mine disaster of 1944. I too tried to veryfy this story about a year ago. No local or regional papers of the area ever went by the name News Extra. The feeling of being stalked by something large and unknown was an all consuming ominously creepy feeling. I don't recall why.It could all be fantastical storytelling on their part. There had been 57 men in the mine the day of the accident and 44 of them had perished. And keep up the great work!GC. Two days of following up on every tiniest hint of a lead. A.nav:active {COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-DECORATION: none} Too bad. I have no idea but I’ll never forget the feeling I had that night. Some guys found a small cave entrance somewhere and went inside to explore. But since she had never heard of any accident occurring at Dixonville itself she decided to do some investigating on her own and told me she would call me back later in the afternoon. A look at all things unexplained and paranormal. li.nav {text-indent: -8px; list-style-type: square; font-family: arial, helvetica; FONT-SIZE: 12px; color: #ffffff;} So they worked at carving it out in order to fit through. But if it was bogus, then they seriously had waaaaay too much time on their hands, as the blog was very detailed and complete with photos.


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