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What do points win? I have 162 points and they're due to expire on the 15th of febuary which was 3 days ago, is there a grace period on points that I don't know about or something? 2. Pizzas! Posted by 8 months ago. Pizza Hut’s New Loyalty Program Rewards Members for Every Dollar Spent Online. NEW ... Every time you spend over £10 on food, you’ll earn points and other rewards. Pizza Hut at Home! Take your pick from some of the rewards we have for you: free sides, free pizzas and more. Will My Pizza Hut Rewards Points Expire? Hut Rewards is Pizza Hut Delivery loyalty reward program that allows customers to earn “Slices” and redeem the Slices for a reward! Pizza Hut, which serves and delivers more pizza than any other pizza restaurant company in the world, recently announced the introduction of the only national pizza loyalty program that rewards customers unlimited points for every dollar spent on great-tasting food online. Plus plenty of other juicy rewards too. Archived. 2 … And nothing tastes better than free. Learn more about the Pizza Hut Rewards today. Pizza Hut Canada reserves the right to cancel the Program, or otherwise change any of the terms herein, including, but not limited to, making changes that may adversely affect the value of digital points or rewards already accumulated and the right to certain digital points or rewards. Will My Pizza Hut Rewards Points Expire? Pizza Hut app- The offers are also available on the app through which customers can also earn points for their future orders. Pizza Hut — Hut Rewards. At the pizza hut outlet- Pizza hut has provided plenty of pizza hut rewards at the outlets, with customers can avail different offers on various products at a lesser price. It too is revenue-based but has an award chart of different items you can get for free using different numbers of points. Close. Yep, collect 6 points and your main dish is on the Hut. Pizza Hut’s Hut Rewards program is the most complicated of the three major chains.


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