great northern war timeline
1697 - Coalition formed between Russia, Denmark and Saxony-Poland to attack Sweden. The Northern Wars, 1558-1721 (Modern Wars In Perspective), Robert I. The Battle of Narva dealt a severe setback to Peter the Great, but the shift of Charles XII's army to the Polish-Saxon threat soon afterward provided him with an opportunity to regroup and regain territory in the Baltic provinces. November, 1700 - Charles XII with an army of 8,000 Swedes destroys a Russian army of 23,000. Peter the Great in the meantime withdrew his forces. Bryan Flores A. May, 1713 - After the navy of Denmark destroyed transport ships and lacking supplies, the Swedish army was unable to return to Sweden and surrendered to the combined. July, 1708 - Peter the Great makes his first stand, later withdrawing using scorched earth policy that destroyed anything that might be of value to the Swedish army. Evolución histórica del currículum, See more Science and Technology timelines. 1702 -Warsaw, Poland conquered by Swedish soldiers. July, 1714 - Russia continues expansion into the Baltic states and Finland, Russia then defeated the Swedish navy at Hangö. Once Stanislas fled, Augustus reclaimed his title in Poland. 1709 -Battle of Poltova; Sweden leads a weakened army into Russia; suffers a ground-breaking defeat and is and pushed back, 1709 -Charles of Sweden is shot in the foot and cannot. November, 1719 - Agreement between Sweden and Hanover, under which Sweden surrendered Bremen and Verden to Holstein in exchange for financial and naval support. 1715 - Brandenburg and Hanover joined the alliance against Sweden. September, 1706 - Augustus II (Augustus the Strong) recognized Stanislas, Charles' elected official, as the King of Poland and granted permission for the Swedish army to stay through the winter. 1700 -Retaliation with an invasion of Zeeland; Anglo-Dutch fleet aided Sweden in it's conquest during this time. February, 1705 - Charles signs, granting peace and commerce. 1707 - Charles invades Smolensk with the help of Count Lewenhaupt's invasion of Riga. 1708 -Count Lewenhaupt, Charles of Sweden's adviser and friend is stopped. January, 1704 - With Charles preoccupied in Poland, Peter the Great moves into the Baltic, taking control of both Dorpat and Narva, previously controlled by Sweden. Jul 1, 1704 Charles elects Leszczynski 1703 -Battle of Kliszow; Swedes win the skirmish. 1700 -Sweden counters Russia's attack of Narvia and Ingria. Russian victories at Erastfer and Nöteborg (Shlisselburg) provided access to Ingria in 1703, where Peter captured the Swedish fortress of Nyen, guarding the mouth of the River Neva. This is the full timeline of events, starting with the forming of the Coalition. Winter, 1709 - With Charles in Bessarabia, Turkey the alliance between Denmark, Poland, and Russia was able to regroup. 1705 -Treaty of Warsaw signed. The war resulted in the decline of Swedish influence and the emergence of Russia as a major power in that region. July, 1704 - Charles organized the election of Stanislas Leszczynski, as a puppet- with the title King of Poland. 1706 -Battle of Fraustadt; Sweden defeats Saxons and Augustus of Poland recognizes Stanislas Leszczynski officially as King of Poland, 1708 -Battle of Holowczyn; Russians are defeated and implement a "scorched-earth" policy upon retreat. 1703 -Battle of Kliszow; Swedes win the skirmish. Treaty of Stockholm signed guaranteeing peace between Sweden and Denmark. 1704 -Stanislas Leszczynski appointed leader of Poland by Charles of Sweden. Frost. Thanks to General Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt, whose outnumbered forces fended the Russians off in the battles of 1700 -First attack by Denmark, invading Holstein-Gottorp, a Swedish satellite station. 1718 -Charles of Sweden dies in battle and peace is made with nearby countries including Russia. 1708-1709 -Sweden winters in Ukraine, but loses many soldiers and supplies run low. fought between Sweden's Charles XII and a coalition lead by Russia's Peter the Great. 1704 -Stanislas Leszczynski appointed leader of Poland by Charles of Sweden. Miguel Angel Gallardo Lemus _“Capa de Enlace de Datos” _Bryan D... Antecedentes del derecho comercial en Argentina, Historia de los conceptos de causa y enfermedad: paralelismo entre la Medicina y la Fitopatología, linea del tiempo de los géneros literarios. A Swedish army of 8,000 annihilates a Russian army of 23,000 soldiers. 1718 - Charles was able to put together a force of 60,000 men. The defeat removed Sweden as the supreme power in eastern Europe. May, 1702 - A result of Charles' courting of anti-Saxon and anti-Russian Polish nobles for their support. The last two remaining strongholds of Sweden in Germany were Stralsund and Wismar. Winter, 1708 - Charles hoped to create an alliance between the Swedes, the Cossacks and the Crimeans. June/July, 1709 - Charles' weakened army suffered military defeat, many died and the survivors surrendered at Perevolochna. The war left the balance of power in the Baltic permanently changed, with Russia newly emerged as a major European power, and Sweden relegated from that status. Spring, 1706 - Charles defeats the Saxons at the Battle of Fraustadt in February 1706, ultimately succeeding in driving out both Russian and Saxon forces from Poland. The Great Northern War had a number of distinct phases: 1700 to 1706; 1707 to 1709; 1709 to 1714; 1714 to 1718 and 1718 to 1721. The Battle of Lesnaya stopped Lewenhaupt and an entire supply column was lost. An anti-Swedish coalition was created from 1697 to 1699 and included Russia, Denmark and Saxony-Poland. March, 1700 - Danes invade Holstein-Gottorp; Swedes (aided by Anglo-Dutch) invade Zeeland and threaten Copenhagen. Stralsund fell in 1715 and Wismar followed in 1716. January/February, 1720 - Agreement between Sweden and Brandenburg, under which Sweden surrendered Stettin, South Pomerania, the islands of Usedom, and Wollin in exchange for money. 304, Linea De Tiempo . A Swedish army of 8,000 annihilates a Russian army of 23,000 soldiers. 1714 -Russia destroys Sweden's navy and nearly invades Sweden. June, 1713 - A settlement signed by the Sultan and Russia guarantees peace between the two powers for 25 years. In his attempt to invade Norway he was killed. 1713 -Treaty between Russia and Turkey; Charles XII is no longer considered a friend to Turkey. August/September, 1721 - Agreement between Sweden and Russia, under which Sweden surrendered Livonia, Estonia, and Ingria in exchange for the return of Finland (apart from Kexholm and parts of Karelia). January, 1704 - With Charles preoccupied in Poland, Peter the Great moves into the Baltic, taking control of both Dorpat and Narva, previously controlled by Sweden. Alternative Title: Great Northern War Second Northern War, also called Great Northern War, (1700–21), military conflict in which Russia, Denmark-Norway, and Saxony-Poland challenged the supremacy of Sweden in the Baltic area. Though the Great Northern War started in 1700, the causes of it had been fermenting throughout the 1690’s. 1713 -Charles persuades The Sultan of Turkey, Ahmed III,  to launch an attack on Russia; Charles is able to make it out of Turkey and into neighboring Pomerania without harm. 1702 -Warsaw, Poland conquered by Swedish soldiers. Introducción a redes _ISTI _Prof. June, 1703 - Charles defeats a Polish-Saxon army. 1715-1718 -Various Swedish collapses ensue as Sweden fails to defend itself. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Hitos Históricos del Pensamiento Filosófico, Antecedentes del baloncesto y su evolución, Breve Historia de la Química por Isaac Asimov_Jorge Garzón, Exigencias previstas por la Ley Nº 11.687, Raíces de la actualidad mexicana (línea del tiempo). Guerra civil de El Salvador, Linea de Tiempo del Conflicto Armado en Colombia, LINEA DEL TIEMPÓ DE LA ETAPA DEL DESARROLLO HUMANO, Linea de tiempo del ferrocarril en México, Civilizaciones que han pasado por España a lo largo de la historia, Línea de tiempo. from advancing into Russia due to supply trucks being destroyed.


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