hi oppa...:))) i love your acting...ive watch u in bridal mask and in 7th grade and i cant help to admire you because in every drama you make,you never fail to make me feel the character your play...you made me cry and fall in love with u in bridal mask...you made me love cry and feel the pain of gil dong in 7th grade...and still you made me fall in love with the character...me wanting to your woman..me wanting you to be one you love...that how effective of an actor you are...im looking forward for another kdramas and moving...stay healthy and happy... Krysa Mar 10 2013 2:42 pm Moon Jun-won better known by stage name Joo Won is a South Korean actor who has displayed his mettle in the field with some brilliant performances in different platforms including in films, TV series, musical theatres and variety shows. Watching the first episode of Alice made me realized this would be the best drama. Joo won!!!!!!!!!! Saranghae and God bless! He's ultimate actor! Let me start by saying that I am not even Asian or American but I have watched a lot of kdrama and I have come across very fantastic actors such as Jung Kyung Ho ssi, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jin Yi Han oppa and more. Di Aug 22 2013 4:12 am kawaiii May 04 2016 8:24 am I fell in love with all the character .. hwaitingJW Dec 17 2013 3:45 am I Loveee you Oppaaa <3, lol Feb 16 2015 2:46 am gionino28 May 24 2013 8:57 am Joo Won is truly a rising star! if i'm not mistaken you are the model for S.M The Ballad-Miss you MV, right? how are you ? I've been his fan since Baker king Kim Tak Goo. I really like Joo Won.. With the best wishes for you Most korean actor is too girl girl for me, his face is just perfectly balance! I hope that this time this show is recognized for its quality!!!! We can like many actors, but respect only a few. Sending suppot from the Philippines ♡♡♡, Joo won fans Sep 20 2019 12:09 pm I like your performance in "Bridal Mask".Continue fighting. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of April 2020. Congratulations on Daesang awards JOO Wonsshi. OMG that note!!! jury Oct 14 2013 5:17 am But always made ur viewers cried over ur drama.. kenny kusumagiri Aug 08 2012 3:45 am Bravo Joo Won!! whoa!! Joo Won is turning 34 in Joo was born in the 1980s. anna Aug 10 2016 3:11 pm he is so handsome, Joowon's wife Jan 28 2014 8:33 am Crystal May 06 2013 11:58 pm i really love the drama u a very amazing. Please keep picking challenging roles/characters. its amazing that there is an actor like this , who can act any character and make it his own. Sheka Sep 29 2017 4:40 am You were awesome in bridal mask ♡ ♡ y had 3 years in entertainment industry so he doesn’t deserve daesang award (yet). Please make come back. His current role on Ojakgyo Brothers also showcases his talent of acting as well. you are so tall!!! Hopefully he should be having overseas fan meets by the start of 2014. But, It would be really interesting to see him in a very different role like some sort of a dark side thingy.. vampire, fallen angel, grim reaper, gumiho or some sort of death note style. hii, iam a big fan of yours, ja eun Oct 10 2011 7:38 pm W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); I have seen a lot of Korean Dramas and the actors or singers now a days or of this generation mainly got their fame from looks. no word can describe how awesome he is! NewKDramaAddict Jan 08 2012 11:10 am I reached the point where I asked myself “Is there something which he cannot do?” Where his more famous peers were growing in popularity, this man was growing in his acting range and skills. Ahlam Apr 15 2016 7:53 am I never noticed it until now, but looks very similar to Kamenashi Kazuya. This was followed by features in other stage musicals including ‘Singles’ (2008), ‘Grease’ (2008), ‘Sinsangnam’ (2009); and most notably in the rock musical ‘Spring Awakening’ (2009). hello joo-wonsshi first of all Happy birthday ^^ I wish for you best thing^^ From villain (Baker King), to the script that some hallyu actor refuses (Gaksital), and the latest is a Savant pediatric doctor. U r such a cool guy, not to talk too much but smart. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Love and respect JOO WON after watching Bridal Mask, Ojakgyu Brothers, The Good Doctor & Yong Pal which displayed such brilliant acting skills in ONE person. Just heard the song love medicine Yet, that fact affirms his determination to take on challenging roles (not popular roles). Jae irumeun Kim Di Ta imnida a mazing acteur i like him special in the click movies, diana Aug 30 2013 4:07 am sazzy Jan 07 2016 7:17 pm ^_^ AAaaaiiisssh.. Samo haeyo <3 <3. I am a fan now. i want to see you soon...personally.... merryl Feb 05 2011 4:40 am


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