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Ingrid Andress Songs. Lady Like (Deluxe) features a new original song titled “Feeling Things” that reminds us of the artist that we were all introduced to with “More Hearts Than Mine” and “Lady Like”. Plus, fans will also receive a digital album download. “So I got back to their house being really frustrated, like, ‘Why can’t girls talk about boys in that way, because I feel that way.’ One bottle of red wine later, we all sussed it out.”, It’s a significant song among Charli XCX’s output, since she typically writes her own material. Both. in 2020. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. The canvas of country music is very open and allows you to go into that detail. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. and all things country music in the New York metro area and beyond! And I heard this one and I was like, ‘Wait, that's the one.’ A lot of the songs, we never really went into the studio to cut live instrumentation. Most love songs don't talk about how it does get a little stale if you don't work at your relationship, and that it's a completely normal emotion to feel. Cass Lowe and Jerker Hansson, who produced Charlie XCX’s recording, sent their track over to the trio of Andress, Lauv, and Michael Pollack while they were writing in Lauv’s L.A. bedroom. for ticket giveaways, meet & greet contests, upcoming events, It’s a soothing, captivating rendition of an authentic story with soft instrumental elements. Sure, the rest of the songs are going to be heartfelt, but at least you know me as a person, [I’m] not taking myself super seriously.”Both“This was actually the only song on the album that started with a melody and not a lyric. Charli XCX, Ingrid Andress, Lauv. Bad Advice. Learn how your comment data is processed. She’s the sort of singer equally versed in conversational inflections and full-voiced projecting, and she built her tracks around piano more than guitar or beats, using string arrangements to supply added rhythm and motion and bolster hooks. Normally I'm more focused on trying to keep something like a classic countryish kind of sound, but for this one I used more pop phrasing. “And with the new songs as a part of the deluxe, I felt like this special track listing was a perfect way to let fans inside my head a little bit more.”. I also wanted to set the tone, as far as just showing a bit of my personality straight out the gate. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Prior to her breakout as a solo artist, Andress focused on her songwriting in Nashville and Los Angeles. Anything But Love. When I first got to Nashville six years ago, there were mostly male songwriters. in 2020. in 2020. I needed to write about my experience from moving from Colorado to Nashville, because I felt Western and Southern were the same thing, and they're not, it turns out. So it was like a different way of writing for me that I also enjoy.”More Hearts Than Mine“I feel like this song kind of encapsulates why I gravitate towards country music; it's because you do have that time in the song to paint such a vivid picture for people. With her undisputed concern to tell a more detailed, orderly story for the sake of her fans, the tracklist is given new acknowledgment and appreciation. The whole point of the song is acknowledging that it's kind of a tragic thing, but there's still hope, because I think love is a choice. It consists of that slow yet up-tempo melody similar to the album’s title track, while the songwriting aspects hold and intrigue the listener much like Andress’ Number 1 debut single. Normally, all the other songs start with a concept that I want to write about. Emily Warren added her touch to the bridge later, but the basic idea and melody tumbled out after Andress had a demoralizing experience in the studio. “In my opinion, part of creating a song, it's not just about lyrics, even though those are extremely important to me,” Colorado-bred Nashville newcomer Ingrid Andress tells Apple Music. Waste Of Lime. in 2020. We are dedicated to honoring their service and remembering their sacrifice. So this song really came from feeling that pressure, and then finally just letting it go and being like, ‘I'm blatantly not following your rules on purpose.’ That was my moment of freeing myself from whatever stereotype people felt like I needed to be. “I had just come from a session where they were talking about all their ‘hoes.’ And I was like, ‘Oh great, I’m pointless. The song hook is a very traditional way of writing a country song, which is why I wanted the production to not be over-the-top country. To celebrate this release and Andress’ 29th birthday, a Lady Like (Deluxe) bundle is offered with a limited edition “Feeling Things” sweatshirt and keychain. The Hero Collection by NYCountry Swag is inspired by the men and women of the Fire, Police and Military Departments across the country. Among them are a … And they added their own sauce to it that made the whole process super easy.”We’re Not Friends“I definitely wanted it to be as conversational as possible, which is why I wanted to start it intimate. I drink tequila straight Haven't brushed my hair in days And I'll kiss on the first date If I'm really feeling it More Hearts Than Mine. Listeners are given a fresh take with “More Hearts Than Mine” on the deluxe album with vocal contribution from Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of the multi-Grammy winning country group Little Big Town. It also largely swaps in strings and acoustic instruments for electronics, giving it a lusher feel. After we got done writing it, I was like, ‘Oh, wait, I think I need to sing this, because this actually happened to me and I feel like I wrote it about me without even realizing it.”The Stranger“It started as just a piano thing. I feel like this story could not have been told in a catchy pop song. “I was able to express what I wanted.” Andress talks through each of the songs on her debut below.Bad Advice“Production-wise, it was fun to get creative on it, because I did want to do a nod to Western just because I'm from Colorado and that's kind of the country that I personally enjoy. Fans can join our Weekly Round-Up e-newsletter here, for the latest in country music and more news about future Ingrid Andress releases. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Required fields are marked *. I put it at the top of the album because the strings play like an intro almost. I feel I was really able to get into a deeper headspace and not so much think about chords and movement. It's a statement that I really think needs to be heard, especially in country music right now. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix. Jon Pardi: Heartache Medication (Deluxe Version) Album Review, Shania Twain: The Woman in Me: Diamond Edition Album Review. Andress admits to being “really picky about drum sounds” and “obsessed with string quartets,” she says. Terms of Use; Privacy Policy; About Our Ads; Advertising © 2019 Billboard. And it was pretty cool to be leading a session like that with musicians that are really awesome. The results stand out for their sharply articulated vantage points and fresh sonic palette. Building this song was really fun because I wanted it to be driving; you could easily get really sad on the piano.


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