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Yet, all Shalini thinks about as two years pass is escaping and tracking down Leila. The futuristic world seems to be suffering from an environmental disaster with lack of clean water being the main problem. Twitter is littered with accusations of the show's 'Hinduphobia.' I watched the entire season all in 1 day, it turned into a binge, I had to see what would happen next. It feels both hasty and lethargic. Leila review: Netflix dystopian drama is gritty, powerful and brave, Deepa Mehta on her dystopian drama Leila: Reality is cautionary, not scary, Leila's Huma Qureshi, Deepa Mehta on making art in troubled times and learning from past. In an unnamed city where caste and religious communities are segregated into sectors, a wealthy family has their idyl shattered by the Repeaters, a government authorized paramilitary group. A post shared by Netflix India (@netflix_in) on Jun 6, 2019 at 10:30pm PDT. More News The show will remind many of The Handmaid's Tale in the first few episodes, while few others would be reminded of George Orwell's 1949 novel 1984, which was set in a future time much like Leila when there will be constant war like situation and the world will be ruled by totalitarian govts. A cheap copy of The Handmaid's Tale. Shalini is determined to get back to her home and to her daughter and is ready to do anything to pass the purity test but unfortunately for her, her plans go haywire and she is sent to a labour camp where the conditions are even worse. Aryavarta's ideal citizen is the person who can give away his and his family's life for the nation. Critics (10), View All There are more than a few shades of The Handmaid's Tale in Leila, but the show, by design, is not about patriarchy but religious totalitarianism. Seems like someone living in west watched that show, scrolled a bit through some india related rascist crap peddled in media and vomitted this nonsense. Rather than opening up the narrative, it makes the world of the show set in a city marked by sky-high walls feel tiny, like it takes place in a single backlot. Although plotting exigencies mar some of Leila's plot turns, the series cruises along on the strength of some of its performances. Sign up here. |, Jun 13, 2019 The result of this indefensible deviation is a dull, generic series that squanders its chance to predict the future in its greed to replicate the present. & Features, More | Rating: 3.5/5 |, Jun 18, 2019 Big Brother is one such ruling party of Oceania (fictional continent) under the rule of which citizens are even punished for thought crime and sent to torture camps till they feel the love for their nation genuinely. All | Audience Reviews for Leila: Season 1 Aug 18, 2020 It was such a great first season. Akbar's novel ends with a gut punch reminding us that what is a dystopia for some are utopias for others, the ones who control the power. Shalini meets someone new while on the run from Bhanu and his men. sure hope there's another season! Although Huma carries the entire show on her shoulders, Sidharth's layered performance too deserves a mention. But it's the bold strokes added by the team of digital series that has made it potentially more controversial. I was into this storyline and even more so with the actors. While some are marvelling at the brilliantly made show which went out of the scope of the book to make a political statement, others are criticising its apparent Hinduphopic undertones. | Rating: 3/5 |. A combination of taut writing, sustained technical finesse and Huma Qureshi's measured lead performance underpins Leila and enhances the acuity of its exploration of the chilling ramifications of totalitarianism. He is unsure whether to trust her. She does what she is told in an effort to be released and see her child. Leila fills a longstanding void in the arena of Indian speculative fiction, and will be considered in the future, along with 2018's Ghoul, as a show that captured the zeitgeist of a nation, at a very pivotal moment in its history. They are made to lead the life in pathetic conditions, served sub-standard food and required to live the life of a slave. From time to time, women who are the most obedient are chosen for purity test. For reprint rights: Syndications Today, Leila review: Huma Qureshi starrer Leila's dystopian world set in near future (2050) is realistic and vivid to ignore. You don't realise when the six episodes get over and you are left asking for more. Picture courtesy: Netflix. Shalini makes a deal with a journalist who could help find Leila. The show is also filled with deft touches like the shopkeeper who switches around his double-sided portrait of Gandhi with Joshi, the bespectacled smiling leader of Aryavarta. I was into this storyline and even more so with the actors. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Even as Qureshi's sublime performance anchors the show, the subsequent episodes on which Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar divide up directing duties, are disappointing. Shalini clandestine behaviors at Rao's home threaten to reveal her identity. It asks us to question our daily behaviour and the values espoused by those around us. At a time when some of the biggest hits on the Indian silver screen are jingoistic potboilers, Leila, despite its surface-level nods to the Hindu nationalist politics of the current government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can feel novel. This summer, Chennai, the city I live in, has one of its worst water shortages in years and people jostling for water outside a tanker is a common sight. Top Critics (1) There are mixed reactions to this digital adaptation of Prayaag Akbar's novel of the same name, starring Huma Qureshi and Rahul Khanna and directed by Deepa Mehta. They are also the only episodes that seem to be interested in the compromised choices and complicated relationships of kinship and duplicity that emerge among women under institutionalized Hinduism. Critics (10) and the Terms and Policies, It's fertile territory for Mehta who has explored Sapphic love and female solidarity under Hindu patriarchy in Fire (1996) and the Oscar-nominated Water (2005). Its better to stay away from this depressed stupidity. All rights reserved. Right before a big event, Bhanu hatches a surprising plan. PM Modi to chair Covid review meeting with CMs of seven high-burden states, NCB to send summons to Deepika Padukone in drug probe linked to Sushant death: Sources, Rhea Chakraborty, brother Showik to stay in jail till Oct 6, judicial custody extended, Copyright © 2020 Living Media India Limited. It's a world where there is great suffering, extreme and totalitarian rules of engagement and obsession with purity and community. Now everyone has become a Joshi." Under this political climate, it's no surprise that the show feels neutered. "Whose progress? Fresh (8) Plus the mystery behind her missing daughter keeps deepening episode by episode, leaving her more hollow and aimless as the series progresses. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The husband is killed and the wife is captured; what happens to the daughter will be known later in the series. Siddhartha who plays Bhanu in the series is the one who sends her to hell, and someone who proves to be the real saviour when everything around her begins to crumble. A politico warily notes, "First there was only Joshi. She enters an Aryavarta politician's home in exchange for helping find Leila. | The first two episodes directed by Mehta are its strongest, recognizing the deification and dehumanization of women as intrinsic to this totalitarian project. Funny how some of the scenes depicted in the series as a part of "dystopian future" can be seen live in a lot of Middle Eastern countries today. From terms like Aryavarta, Vanita Mukti Kendra, Unnati to leaders speaking in chaste Hindi and indulging in class politics--all this seems plausible in the coming 30 years the time period where the story is set in and that is what makes it an uncomfortable watch. You'll likely want to see what happens next. Sexual violence and Pakistan aren't brought up, and despite the show's color scheme of yellows, it is very careful not to evoke the specific shade of saffron used by the BJP. Despite its dystopian beats, Akbar's novel gains its power from being a perceptive parable about class and caste privilege in India. A family is huddled around the television. In another episode, Shalini and Rao, the second-in-command of Aryavarta, discuss Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the Urdu poet with Marxist leanings whose poetry has been banned in Aryavarta. Leila is, in many ways, more prosaic than the striking novel it is based on. These interactions electrify Leila. [Just] like The Handmaid's Tale, Leila shows us how unchecked tyranny, oppression, and violation of basic norms is a ripe and dangerous slippery slope. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. | Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, get Streamail for more entertainment, and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. [Full review in Spanish]. Last October, there were reports that representatives of streaming services in India such as Netflix and Prime Video had quietly met with the Ministry of Broadcasting and agreed to self-censor their content, a move towards pacifying the government in a country where online content isn't yet subject to the repressive mandates of the Censor Board. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. The series run time is 300 minutes divided into 6 episodes, but with what is shown it could have all been done in half the time. A shopkeeper hiding Mahatma Gandhi's portrait in front of a govt man. Sidharth's layered performance as Bhanu deserves a mention as well. Perfect weekend watch. |, Jul 2, 2019 Qureshi shares a special intensity with her co-star Siddharth, an actor whose simmering stares are put to terrific use as Bhanu, a ruthless labour camp guard who has a soulful desperation in his eyes. Leila begins in 2047, a hundred years after India's independence. | Rating: 4/5 |, Jun 11, 2019 In the second episode, Shalini has a warm maternal rapport with Roop, a young girl from the slum who is leading her to the home of her in-laws. Leila begins in 2047, a hundred years after India's independence. Leila is an Indian dystopian drama series, while I have read and seen a lot of dystopian them work, this is the first I have seen it being used in India. Bharat Bandh: Is there a sharp north-south divide in farmers' protest? Both Huma and Sid's characters have to hide their motives and hence the performances were bound to be subtle.


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