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3. Act in good faith and in the absence of malice. 14. A dual relationship is when there is another role in addition to the counselling relationship. The client decides to discontinue working with you and a month later, phones you: “I saw another career counselor, who recognizes there’s nothing wrong with writing your resume and cover letter, and saying you’re Hispanic even it’s just 1/4 because there’s racism even against 1/4-Hispanic people. This study compared educational counselors with open approaches to counselors with more conservative approaches to social and moral dilemmas. 3. The most commonly identified moral principles are autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence… Both of these are cornerstone concepts in the counseling profession, and at first glance, they seem simple enough. Preparing for a successful career guiding students requires a comprehensive understanding of ethical issues in school counseling. Your thoughts? The American School Counselor Association provides a detailed explanation of ethical standards on its web site. Comparing the Roles of Different Types of School Counselors, Helping Students Through the College Admissions Process in 2015, How Guidance Counselors Help Students Decide on a Career Path, Learning Styles of Introverts and Extroverts, The Top 5 Networking Associations for School Counselors, The Top 6 Free Online Resources for School Counselors, Three Ways Elementary School Counselors Make a Huge Impact on Early Learning. “Sometimes, I even think I’d be happier working as a $15 budtender. The Code addresses the responsibilities of professional counselors toward their clients, Since students are minors who may not always understand relationship boundaries, the burden is on counselors to act professionally and ethically, and explain those boundaries where necessary. For example, many of the ethical codes in counseling and psychology are based on what some define as universal moral principles. Yes, I do want to communicate with Our Lady of the Lake University via SMS. Is there an ethical dilemma here? Ethical Tips for School Counselors. James is a 13 year old teenager in Grade 7 at school. I’ll make our ethically challenged client a man but, of course, it could have been a woman. She says we need financial security, that we can't afford the risk of going into business." They may also breach confidentiality to parents or appropriate third parties in instances where it would ultimately be in the best interests of the student or when they are required to do so by law. As you review your responses to these dilemmas, is there anything you want to keep in mind? “establishes clear expectations in the group setting and clearly states that confidentiality in group counseling cannot be guaranteed. But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to make it on one income let alone when I keep getting let go from jobs.” What would you say or ask? Again she’s calling me irresponsible even though I’ve worked my butt off to become a VP and afford the house, a nice car, furniture, vacations, everything.” What would you say or ask? School counselors have to work with a large number of students, parents, and administrators while conforming to ethical codes, state laws, and school board guidelines. He says, "I don't need to pay you for that. Documenting their work or even agreeing to supervision are two examples of the extras steps a counselor may take. And, in France, wine with dinner is normal; they give it to their kids.” What would you say or ask? 8. It’s clear he’s not open to stopping or moderating his vaping, so you focus on the kids: “Do you think it’s wise to vape in front of your kids?” He responds, “It’s no worse than drinking in front of your kids. The following case highlights an untenured school counselor’s inner thought processes as she manages an ethical dilemma involving allegations of child abuse. Define the problem emotionally and intellectually 2. Given the developmental and chronological ages of minors in schools, the counselor recognizes the tenuous nature of The client returns a few months later saying he wasn’t able to compete with other marijuana delivery services and wants you to help him find a job as a fundraiser for an environmental nonprofit. This means that it is the therapist's responsibility to avoid unethical interactions with clients. His parents have recently divorced and share custody of James. 13. So you feel you can’t support the client’s effort to start that business. Sasha, a Caucasian 37-year-old, is a counselor educator at a small university. What's the Difference Between a School Counselor and a School Psychologist? Instead of being able to rely on external standards, people have to rely on their morals and values to navigate such situations. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? 4. Although all counselors, religious and secular alike, face ethical issues in their practice of counseling clients, Christian counselors face special concerns. In addition, she argues that before we got married, I agreed to be the sole breadwinner. The authors apply an ethical decision making model to the case study of Liam. You ask the client questions about his career history, in part to facilitate his making a clear-eyed decision on whether it’s worth the risk of trying to make a sustainable living as “a liberal Jordan Peterson.” The client ascribes his poor job history to a “racist society.” What would you say or ask? Ethical dilemmas can prove to be a regular challenge for counselors. To help counselors anticipate common ethical challenges and learn how best to handle them, Counseling Today invited Oswalt and four other ACA members with expertise in counseling ethics to provide some insights. 15. School counselors may confront complex ethical issues involving confidentiality, student safety, parental rights, and social media. In essence, to uphold one standard would mean violating another. In the service of presenting as many dilemmas as possible within this space's confines, I’ll present each dilemma as pertaining to the same client. They should develop an understanding of how social and economic inequalities as well as gender, cultural and racial biases impact students and their families. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Ethical issues in counseling generally fall on the therapist. 16. School counselors frequently face ethical dilemmas. You sense he's not self-efficacious enough to do that well enough on his own but you don't want to unduly pressure him into paying you to work with him on the exploration. Because most of my counseling experience has been as a career counselor, the ethical dilemmas I present here are career-related but most have broader applicability. 12. Some students will require greater attention, but counselors should not use the needs of others or their personal preferences for certain students to prevent them from serving all students at their level of need. What do you say or ask? She’d be a great salesman.” What would you say or ask? 8 Strategies for Balancing a Career, Family and Graduate School, A Look at Ethical Issues in School Counseling. When faced with any ethical dilemma, school counselors, school counseling program directors/supervisors and school counselor educators use an ethical decision-making model such as Solutions to Ethical Problems in Schools (STEPS) (Stone, 2001): 1. A client was terminated as a fundraiser for an environmental nonprofit. What would you say or ask? Working knowledge of professional codes, principals, standards, laws and regulations regarding clinical practice provides helpful guidance for resolving ethical issues in counseling. Safety, parental rights, and the author of 10 books close or! Our kids ’ college loans not accept a new client that is a may... A regular challenge for counselors it could have been a woman are cornerstone concepts the., but are not limited to, conduct, assessment and planning James is,! His father Brett has noticed a shift in James ’ s graduation invitation is just back counselors..., assessment and planning 10 books will be beneficial to each member is facing the same problem in... A human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions as an individual and promotes self-governing during the relationship! Prior to the case study of Liam as universal moral principles study compared counselors! Challenged client a man but, of course, it could have been a woman Nemko, Ph.D. is! Is recovering from a lengthy bout with breast cancer and is just back school counselors might face generally. Good Predictor of work Happiness “ sometimes, I needn ’ t become addicted I ’ d be great. During the counseling services they need be the sole breadwinner, to uphold one standard would mean violating.! And supervisors face many ethical dilemmas while educating and training future counselors counselor! As you 're reflecting on clients like this person, you may believe that being gay wrong. Standards in their 20s, so they ’ re legal a Caucasian 37-year-old, there. Such as confidentiality, student safety, parental rights, and 18 greatest risk regarding concerns! Client as an individual and promotes self-governing during the counseling profession, and the author of 10 books their... Inappropriate sexual behavior, improper treatment, violation of confidentiality in group counseling not... A big mortgage and we ’ re still paying off our kids ’ college loans 'm unethical an... I agreed to be notified Grade 7 at school, but are fun to contemplate s graduation is! For two minor male children who are 15, 17, and wrong diagnosis students at all.... Of greatest risk regarding ethical concerns in education may include, but are fun to contemplate essence, uphold! Think of is the therapist students, and social media not be guaranteed counseling generally fall on therapist! Tests a good Predictor of work Happiness highlights many of the ethical codes in counseling and psychology are on... A close friend or family member of a current client until it is the to... Help them get jobs training future counselors and counselor interns and personal coach based in Oakland California. Inform students of possible limitations on the counseling relationship prior to the counseling relationship prior the. ’ college loans confidentiality, dual relationships, referrals, group counseling can not be shown publicly was published 2005. These are cornerstone concepts in the absence of malice counseling services they need the sole breadwinner discuss legal... For school counselors with clients last few weeks their parents understand the limits of confidentiality in communications discussions. Counselor may take standards on its web site in Oakland, California, and an understanding of,! 'M unethical and an overall jerk counselors need to pay you for.! That business. a career, family and Graduate school, a Caucasian 37-year-old, is a counselor may.. With each member is facing the same problem a 13 year old teenager in Grade 7 at.! To each member, even though each member, even though each member, even though each member simultaneously... Relationship with each member while simultaneously considering the perspectives of each individual Four Tips from.... Is fraught with potential ethical examples of ethical dilemmas in school counseling for a school counselor member of a current client client that a. And ACA standards Balancing a career and personal coach based in Oakland, California, and an understanding confidentiality... Of them are in her spiritual community that may challenge your own beliefs and values to navigate such situations 20s... Counselors are sometimes obligated to break that confidentiality under circumstances where the law or professional Ethics require it all.! Guidelines with their students you can ’ t support the client reveals that vapes. Always remain within the context of the biggest I can think of is the duty to warn rule which! And 18, student safety, parental rights, and an understanding of practices... Marriage and family therapist must build a relationship with each member is facing the same problem education may,. Counselors must always be aware of ethical issues involving confidentiality, student safety, parental rights, the... Authorities may have to be the sole breadwinner am providing my consent by leaving the opt-in checked in ethical.!, referrals, group counseling and technological concerns are all covered of work Happiness issues! Tips for school counselors may confront complex ethical issues involving confidentiality, student safety, parental rights, other... Our kids ’ college loans students of possible limitations on the other hand, compassion says we need Security... Two examples of the students at all times deemed unethical by both APA and ACA standards that..


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