severan dynasty significance
He was succeeded by his sons Caracalla and Geta, who reigned under the influence of their mother, Julia Domna. With Zenobia defeated and her Palmyrene Empire again joined to Rome, Aurelian marched west and defeated Tetricus I in 274 CE, ending the Gallic Empire. He sent messages to Gallienus explaining why he had acted as he did, professing his loyalty to Rome, and promising that he would not raise arms against the empire or encroach on any Roman territories. History on the Severan Dynasty and Modern Scholarship In this section I will examine the history of the Severan dynasty, discuss current scholarship about the Severan women, and set up my own place in the arguments about these women. The end of the Severids marked the start of the Crisis of the Third Century. After months of mild rebellion by the bulk of the army in Syria, Macrinus took his loyal troops to meet the army of Elagabalus near Antioch. Elagabalus, Summus Sacerdos Elagabali 5. The Year of the Five Emperors refers to the year 193 AD, in which there were five claimants for the title of Roman Emperor. Regardless, the shared throne was not a success: the brothers argued about every decision, from law to political appointments. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. M. Opelius Diadumenianus was the son of Macrinus, born in 208. His policy of an expanded and better-rewarded army was criticized by his contemporary Dio Cassius and Herodianus: in particular, they pointed out the increasing burden (in the form of taxes and services) the civilian population had to bear to maintain the new army. His most significant early decision was to make peace with the Parthians, but many thought that the terms were degrading to the Romans. In spite of this, Gallienus could not afford to allow such a large segment of his empire – Gaul, Germania, Hispania, and Britannia – to simply leave. Also during his reign taxes were lightened; literature, art and science were encouraged; the lot of the soldiers was improved; and, for the convenience of the people, loan offices were instituted for lending money at a moderate rate of interest. He temporarily pacified his rival in Britain, Decimus Clodius Albinus, by naming him caesar (junior emperor). Severus replaced the Praetorian Guard with a new 15,000-man guard from his own Danubian legions. More eastern Severan dynasty - Plautilla. Excessive luxury and extravagance at the imperial court were diminished. Though his military expenditure was costly to the empire, Severus was the strong, able ruler that Rome needed at the time.


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