soul 2020
I bought a black exterior car at night time and missed few minor scarthes and my tire light pressure light on. He returned shortly with a final out the door price including my trade-in value. ?s honest, considerae, easy to work with and very dependable! He sent me some examples of their inventory but they were out of my price range. Still "leery" from recent auto purchases???. He was a very nice young man who was new to the auto industry and was polite and professional. Will use again in the future. He explained all of my warranty options and Gap don't ever buy a car without it!! Get a little help staying alert and on course. My trade-in was a Mazda 6 and Kendrick said that there is a Rick Case Mazda dealership close to the Kia one and that someone from there would be able to appraise my car. Thanks Duke for making car buying a great experience! I got a great truck with 30k left on the factory powertrain warranty, almost new. Thanks Ed Voyles ¿¿, From the 2016 to the 2020,what a difference. I figured that was that (I always initiate car shopping by email or text). from, I have sent 4 friends here because I enjoy working with the welcoming & attentive KIA Union City staff! The standard backup camera is awsome. Once again, I could't have been more wrong as Eric presented a couple of finance options???. I had a great esperience at this location. Huge shout-out to Jerome and taking a chance in retirement at a ministry opportunity like car sales and making our buying experience an absolute joy! Sales folk are equally pleasant with no pressure sales pitch every time I browse around while visiting for service. Service has gotten a lot better, Darnell Peeples & Melvin also assisted with my purchase and the team is just attentive and welcoming. After applying the trade-in to the price we agreed upon earlier, we headed into the Finance Office where we met Eric???. 2020 Kia Soul vs. 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback. We have spent years working with a dealership down the road but I can tell you from here on out we will only deal with ALM for future purchases and we will tell all of our friends, colleagues and family to do the same! I have also gotten 30+ mpg driving on roads that I would’ve expected less mpg from, which has been a pleasant surprise. This Car Has So Much Headroom And Space. I worked with Berthel and he did a great job making me feel at ease. by "RebeccaR" *Country Singer* from Statesville, NC. It's rated 27city & 33hiway. Brian the Customer Relations Manager was awesome! Your Soul is no different. 18 listings starting at $14,977, 3 Great Deals out of We also met the general manager, Mitch, and he made us feel even more at home. John is a great sales man and a nice guy. Coming Soon Releases November 20, 2020 A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning … Love the Sedona. Michelle . I asked Kendrick if they were being aggressive on trade-ins and he said they were. he seemed to really care. 18,115 listings starting at $2,799, 66 Great Deals out of I bought the Crimson Red EX, very sharp color,. She had to cancel but after having talked to Kendrick I felt confident driving alone with the expectation I would get a fair trade value. Kevin listened so well that a couple of times I thought my cell phone had dropped the call???. Plenty of colors to choose from. He told us multiple times throughout the week that if it takes us a month to find a car that's fine with him because he wanted us to come back and buy from him again! It came time for financing and there was a bit of confusion regarding our trade in and financing options changed at the 9th hour. That was on a Thursday evening and I was checking to confirm availability. April McCastle was incredible from beginning to the end. Shop 2020 Kia Soul vehicles for sale in Atlanta, GA at It is my very first new car it makes me feel safe. I literally playing out all of the horrible possibilities of "bait & switch", "high-pressure", tag-team Manager "take-over" sales gimmicks and the most dreaded???.. 66 Great Deals out of I spoke to Sunny (Who is amazingly helpful) who directed me to Damian (again extremly helpful) who went well and beyond and make sure I was Happy !! In fact, I didn't even read the reviews. Duke helped us pick a very reliable car... My 20 yr old son needed a new car and we'd been looking at several cars when we pulled into Grand Motorcars. It has plenty of power, something my hatchback always lacked. I didn't choose Rick Case Kia because of their reputation. I wasn't sure how things were going to go walking into ALM South but I was optimistic. It did take a while to get in with Mr. Yi, the Finance Manager, because of problems with their system that day but he was very friendly and explained additional extended warranty options without making me feel overly pressured. Thanks Tonya Mazora. The boldly redesigned exterior is where style meets technology. Came in just to look at the vehicles they had to offer and was definitely surprised with the service I received from John! The available Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) system is designed to help you stay on course by monitoring the position of your Soul under certain conditions and may apply steering input if it senses you drifting outside your lane. I was imagining the quintessential "GOTCHA" as I drove to ALM to look at the car options that were presented to me on the phone. After going back and forth for a week we decided on a 2016 Lexus GX460 with only 2000 miles on it! So far so good. I would highly recommend ALM to my Friends and I cannot imagine buying a car again from anyone else???.. Life is an ever-evolving blend of the planned and unplanned. He said he's new & he's already doing a great job with my experience. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. The all-new 2020 Soul features a boldly redesigned exterior that’s packed with technology, like available LED daytime running lights to help you illuminate the world around. but after Kevin summarized what I was asking for and offered a few tips on the warranty questions that I had, I knew immediately that not only was he listening???. In sport mode - it is simply a WOW. Interior shapes, textures and panels have been designed to both visually bring music to life and enhance the auditory experience within your Soul. The paint job, is a fantastic sparkling silver - smooth as silk. I HATE car dealerships! In a nutshell Incredible customer service, quality product, and impressive pricing!!!!! I would definitely recommend folks here. Again he had nothing but a smile in his voice and never once appeared annoyed. We were just looking at SUVs and had no intention of buying one that day. Eric turned out to be very professional, competent, warm, friendly and quite entertaining???. 279 listings starting at $1, 1 Great Deal out of When I say this man has the patience of a saint I'm not kidding! I do wish the new Souls had ventilated seats for cooling, I used them a lot here in TX on my first Soul. the pessimist in me was still waiting "for the shoe to drop"???. We had such a wonderful experience and was given the deal we wanted that we looked no further and bought a Sorento LX. 10,637 listings starting at $2,199, 112 Great Deals out of A Very Economic Car That Gets 38 Miles To A Gallon Of Gas. But ugh..... first i'm not a fan of the elongated hood, the car is 3 inches lower than the 2015, the lane detection software only works 50% of the time, but MOST of all the alarm that sounds when the car is turned on is the most annoying thing about this vehicle. I live about 250 miles from Atlanta but based on previous car purchases I knew it sometimes pays to travel to get a good price. Our experience with the Lou Sobh dealership of Cumming was exceptionally awesome. Acoustics make or break a concert venue. some of which were lower than the offers discussed when putting the pricing together with Kevin. My Family's experience thus far had been so absolutely enjoyable??? I have a 3 month old and whenever I turn this car on I want to rip my hair out. as I cannot remember ever "laughing", as we did , in a Auto Dealer's Finance Office. Stopping ability is great. So needless to say i was excited to get my next soul. Lay your eyes and fingers upon the available 10.25” HD touchscreen, offering split-screen view, two simultaneous Bluetooth® device connections, along with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility. I Love All The Features It Has. It is my very first new car I feel safe driving it something I have not felt for a very long time it is comfy and handles great. Get instant access to your compatible iPhone® or your Android™ right from your Soul’s built-in, touch-screen display. But the additional 15 mile drive for service for me is worth it. But for at least 9-11k less than a new 2016. Log In. You can only compare up to 4 cars at a time. A small family team with amazing selections, I bought a Nissan Altima fairly new and low miles. Even though it was his first day there, he knew all about the vehicles and his suggestions on which vehicle would suit us better was just great. These guys are just not professional at point of sale but even after making a sale. , I did not expect to have the enjoyable experience I did...usually buying a car is a grueling experience (long waits, crowded spaces, & I feel like ur on an assembly line)...I really appreciated the friendly, professional service from the staff...particularly, Kalen, Waddell, Jawon. 46 listings starting at $15,688, 3 Great Deals out of 18 listings starting at $14,477, 1 Great Deal out of As you dart through the city or escape on urban adventures, driving on today’s crowded roadways can be daunting. We worked out a price and a price for my trade and soon the transaction was done. It was a very cold day when we arrived at ALM???. Flew in from Orlando and will be flying in for the next!!!!! We purchased the car on 10/14/17 and it's been just over 5 months with no issues. I chose Rick Case because I found the specific exterior/interior color combination of the Kia Sorento I wanted and they had a recent price reduction posted on their website. Also the financial person, and I don't remember his name, was so cheerful and upbeat and he also made us feel at home. Jerome and the staff made us feel welcome and make a stressful situation seem calm and relaxed like I buy cars everyday.


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