thank god you survived the accident
Do you understand me? What arrogant gall it takes to claim God preserved ME, but they think they’re being pious., That's actually a very well written song, thanks for sharing bro ;). I couldn’t really breathe, and thought I was going to die. The world doesn't give a shit about you, your plans, the people you love, or your pathetic human ideas about justice and purpose. i love reading these and then i’m struck by the apparent randomness of it all because there are devout christians serving God who have been rammed up the back in their cars and have had their mobility and circumstances ruined in an instant. So, that’s two reasons for their complacency (and let’s not start on immanent rapture as an excuse for not doing anything). 2 things: “Oh, so this is what it feels like to die” and “Hey, the radio still works!”. Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church is a lucky man to be alive after he was involved in a road accident on the night of Tuesday, December 24. says: It’s all god’s will. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Oh, and when I read about Neece thanking the seat belt makers, I thought of Ralph Nader. And the award for the most stupid PhD Research goes to Chibuihem Amalaha for his unscientific proof that samesex marriage is wrong! See How To Advertise. Shit just happens, and in the end the world will systematically take away everything you have, ending with your life, for no particular reason at all. hmmmm…its obvious u r possessed. Many Christians believe whole-heartedly that ethics comes Thank you, God, for making me lucky to have such a great companion in my life. god for the opportunity. Hope he isn't the cause of the accident,and when people die, you come out and thank God for your own lifr. I did thank the guy in front of me, that gave me a ride (his car was better off). I know accidents happen and we all make silly mistakes that will cost us our life. I got into an argument with a relative about the advisability of swerving in the first place rather than just hitting the deer – my point being that I didn’t want the thing ending up in my lap, I had only a split second to react, yes, the car rolled and was totaled, but I walked away without a scratch – from where I was sitting, my decision to swerve was sound. He permitted me to live again and fulfil my purpose in this life. Along with stuff like “it all works out in the end” (which was silly to me…in the end we all die…how is that ‘working out’), I began thinking abo ut these ‘sayings’ and truisms that people take for granted and say to make one another feel better. About this miracle…God does not need to look into the rear view mirror He knows the end from the beginning. A satirical version of that thought by Tim Minchin that always makes me smile. […] “Thank God I survived that accident even though some people died, some were disabled, but I only got off with a scar, thank you God for loving me that much”. You can also subscribe without commenting. Why can’t we expect same of God? Yemisi: I’m amazed the guy in the car got out with a scratched arm. It was a touching testimony from Olalekan, The child of prayer never perish/get lost. These things swing both ways after all, which religious people tend to forget. Photos, Woman Survived This Ghastly Accident With Just A Scratched Toe, Man Who Survived ADC Airline Plane Crash In Lagos Thanks God 10Years After,, Re: Man Who Survived This Terrible Accident Thanks God. Natural Disasters are certainly not a time to thank God! Highly recommended to students and scholars interested in gender studies, queer studies, African studies or Human Rights in general. What about all of the blind people? Be not afraid to question.Your question is not a doubt of your faith but the truth slowly emerging to set you free! A puny, capricious god who only exists on paper and has totally deluded followers? I remember stopping after saying something like “he’ll get his in the end”. They just can't accept that sometimes people die for no reason at all. can you show me what can i do if were at the serous road accident. I couldn’t reconcile believing in an all powerful, capricious, uncaring ruler but couldn’t accept a capricious, uncaring universe where things (good and bad) happened. My Spanish husband calls me a monkey, wants to take my children from me | Tuko TV, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Kenya, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Mashirima Kapombe hilariously yanks off wig in studio after presenting news, Margaret Wariko: Journalist says she divorced her hubby after 2 years due to his insecurities, Ruth Matete gives birth to bouncing baby girl, Archaeologists unearth 5,000-year-old skull of man who died after brain surgery, Woman drops jaws with her beautiful luxury shack, Woman returns balance after cashier hands her excess money, Daddy's girl: Winnie Odinga lovingly fixes Raila's hat before photoshoot, Nakuru priest says pastors are leading thieves in Kenya, Kidosho atishia kumnyima lofa asali Krismasi, Catholic priest calls out religious leaders obsessed with wealth. Yeah, God knows best. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Blackface Is Not OK For Halloween Or Any Other Occasion! I wasn’t afraid of what came after, and I wasn’t thinking about god, but rather how I had no regrets and would have loved to spend more time with my loved ones. Man Who Survived This Terrible Accident Thanks God, A Pastor Survived This Ghastly Motor Accident In Benue State. Anyone, be it a goddist or atheist who tried to infer that it is humility needs their brain examined. I have never laughed so hard in my life. ^_^. Neither do I, but no qualms, plenty showed up when this piece was first published on my Facebook page. Is God not a hero or is there a double standard for heroes? When next you say God knows best, you are practically depriving yourself of the power to make a change. Why assume God saved you? She and her family found my friend some months later to thank him. Years ago he attended the scene of a very bad multiple-vehicle accident on the highway. So I was grateful to seatbelt designers and makers. This man pictured above is a bus driver whose vehicle got into a terrible accident on the highway. in some religious environments, they REALLY drill it into you to say “Thank God” and “Praise the Lord” for EVERYTHING. "Tell us ...". Painful for sure, but it saved his life. When you find yourself surviving a bad accident with relatively few injuries, it’s easy to resort to supernatural thinking to explain why you were so lucky. I was at a speed of about 38 mph (the speed limit on the road is 40 mph), and I was in the right lane since I was going to make a right exit to my home. Never heard anyone say “Damn God!” after a friend of there’s died from a serious car accident either. I had my seatbelt on. He is outside of the space-time domain and so knows all things. If your God had no control over the disaster, why call him God? That began my journey away from thinking the universe conformed to the desires of humanity. […], […] A super-powerful being, real or imagined, who had the power to stop earthquakes or avalanches but chose to concentrate his power on saving just a handful of people and animals, after the death of thousands is not really that much of a hero and certainly does not deserve any gratitude. They hearkened to the voice (it was not against God’s Word, as proven later). They just don’t ever seem to really think about what they say. Photos / Pictures From Lagos-Ibadan Express Ghastly Accident, Shops Burnt Down, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). God knows best, that is why he allows so much suffering, air crashes, cancers, famine, natural disasters etc. A goodist with a fraction of a working brain left wouldn’t call it humility, because there is no humility in thanking an “All powerful” being for saving you from a fatal disaster when this being could have saved innocent lives that were lost or still being lost. (I should be putting up my post on ‘The Cancer called Religion’ soon). She started crying again and said she didn’t want to die. Thank you blessed mother Mary. And I think it is fair game to raise these questions to believers in a god with superpowers, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When I was young even until now, whenever I receive a gift, I always have a thankful disposition. Everything was calm, and nobody was speeding. No doubt, Yemisi Ilesanmi! If you were in a bad accident and survived, you weren’t really so lucky though. Brian, that was wonderful. Philosophers dating back to the ancient There are probably many more of which I was blithely unaware. Rhode Island State Senator Beth Moura Really Doesn't Get It... "Not every state has a Coogan law, and the producers of much of this "reality" ...", "Why should I pay for someone else's procreation hobby? Why not challenge authorities that imprison you physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally? It makes no sense at all if you claim to believe in a just/fair God. The road was wet due to rain and I was turning a sharp corner near Waratah train station (Newcastle). Plenty of tears were involved I am sure, including I am certain from my firefighter friend, even though he’d never admit it. I thanked God and Jesus all the wonderful strangers who stopped and helped me when I was so shaken up; the truck driver who called 911 for me, the two guys who made sure cars didn’t have a bigger accident by directing traffic for about 25 minutes, and all the fire and other guys. She is the founder and coordinator of the campaign group Nigerian LGBTIs in Diaspora Against Anti-Same Sex Laws. - Miguel Obradors, My Professional website for Contact and bookings. For a lot of people, the idea of ANY central planning, arbitrary and capricious though it may be, is more comforting. If your God had no control over the disaster, why call him God? When next you feel the urge to exclaim “Thank God I survived” after a fatal disaster, remember that your God had no business allowing that disaster to happen in the first place. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So I’m hanging out in the parking lot and hear some dumb redneck about three months later talking about his own recent brush with brush. I foolishly applied the break to control the speed at that very moment, and it caused my car to skid in a remarkable fashion. If anything, it is the opposite of humility, it is arrogance, self-centered and pure egoism. We passed the accident after bystanders had stopped to help but before the rescue vehicles showed up. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There was no car in sight, and I changed lanes. Also very accessible to general public, in particular to persons committed to social change and the fight against discrimination in all its forms. Another thing is leading up to the accident…, If you go all “Jesus, Take the Wheel” (Carrie Underwood) then you’re gonna have an accident. There you are, staring at the burnt remains of humans from a fire accident, grossly twisted bodies of innocent children from a car accident, pieces of charred human flesh scattered at a bomb blast scene or your neighbor’s body, half buried under a pile of debris caused by a natural disaster and all you could say is, thank God it wasn’t you.


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