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Response (B) is incorrect. This is the flaw in the passage, and in response (D). The bones were already in the sediments by the time the lake dried up. The remains could have gotten into the lake in any number of other ways; to give just one, perhaps the people in the area put their dead into the lake. This shows that one can write formal poetry without performing a politically conservative act, so (C) is the correct response. It may instead indicate that the instruments used to search for the evidence are not powerful enough to detect a neutron star in the area where the 1987 supernova event occurred. Employers want to know, first and foremost, that you know how to analyze information and learn new skills quickly. The passage does not establish that, had Cooper been at the site, he could have successfully intervened to prevent the cantilever from breaking off. One of the most popular, and perhaps most dreaded, type of psychometric test is the logical reasoning test. However, to make the conclusion of the argument follow logically, one must show that some contemporary poets who write formal poetry are sometimes not performing a politically conservative act. There are 60 marbles in a bowl. Its premises, if true, provide good evidence for drawing its conclusion. Logic is, not coincidentally, fairly logical. Since late-Renaissance paintings were mostly in oil, the Venetian late-Renaissance painter Arnoldi, whose works are now lost, probably painted in oil. Thus, current theory is wrong in claiming that supernovas of a certain size always produce neutron stars. For example, if Jenny’s coat is both long and blue, we can logically assume that any red or green coats we may find do not belong to Jenny. Argue the answers of funny logical questions To support this claim, the journalist points out that different individuals in the same nation have differing abilities to pay, but this consideration does not, by itself, establish that the pharmaceutical company’s policy is unjustified. Q16. The executive does conclude that certain events are likely to have transpired on the basis of what was known to have transpired in a similar case, but no distinction can be made in the executive’s argument between events of a general kind and a particular event of that kind. Then choose the response that exhibits the most similar flawed pattern. Since the Quebec Bridge disaster in 1907 prompted this abandonment, it can be inferred that these were the rules of thumb under which the Quebec Bridge was being built when it collapsed and that these were the rules of thumb used in bridge building before 1907.


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