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The Yardbirds were such a good band for a guitarist to play in that I came up with a lot of riffs and ideas out of that, and I employed quite a lot of those in the early Zeppelin stuff. Jake Holmes began his music career in the early 1960s, and recorded and performed with several different groups. Indeed, the Yardbirds’ cover of “Dazed and Confused” would likely be forgotten today had the band’s latest hotshot guitarist not remembered the song when he began putting together his next group. [54] Other live recordings are found on the following official releases: "Dismissed with prejudice" signifies that the plaintiff/litigant (Holmes in this case) is permanently barred from filing another case on the same claim. But “properly crediting” songs is not enough: you need permission from the source. But McConaughey wants readers to look beyond the boldface name on its cover and focus on its fundamental message. I thought the music was quite pleasant, but didn’t think much of it. However, he does unhesitatingly share two different stories in which he awakens from wet dreams — you read that right — where he saw himself “floating downstream on my back in the Amazon River” while surrounded by jungle life and “African tribesmen lined up shoulder to shoulder on the ridge to the left of me.” He interpreted these visions as subconscious exhortations to travel to Peru, where he immersed himself in the Amazon, and to Mali, where he sparred with a local wrestling champion. The book offers a shotgun seat to all the l-i-v-i-n that McConaughey has accumulated, from his upbringing in a tumultuous Texas family to his ascent as the ruggedly serene star of “Magic Mike,” “True Detective” and “Dallas Buyers Club.”. [10] The group performed at more countercultural venues, such as the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. With a full cover, where an artist sings the original words exactly as written, that artist can record it without getting anyone’s permission. But before Holmes signed that settlement, he talked about it plenty. To conclude that life is all about luck, he said, is to surrender to fatalism: “Quit letting yourself off the hook, McConaughey. I haven’t heard Jake Holmes so I don’t know what it’s all about anyway. It soon became a centerpiece of their tours, several recordings of which have been released, including on Yardbirds '68, produced by guitarist Jimmy Page. But, Jake Holmes argued, you can’t exactly call it entirely original either. Those words reveal questions of what counts as a cover song, how an artist needs to credit a songwriter from whom they draw material, and where the line lies between homage and theft. “Even the most powerful actors — Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-Lewis — are still at the mercy of the parts they’re being offered. The songwriter earns royalties from every sale of the cover, which can be substantial. [14] Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty was the only Yardbird to catch Holmes' performance. The estate of the late guitarist Randy Wolfe had sued Zeppelin, claiming they had copied his band Spirit’s song “Taurus” for the iconic “Stairway to Heaven” introduction. “Led Zeppelin was created in a very crisp businesslike fashion,” Plant has said of the first album. In some moments he tried to alleviate his existential dread with humor. [24] The Yardbirds' new arrangement, contributed by the four members, soon amounted to a major reworking of Holmes' original piece. “I took it way too far with that open-throated falsetto. Matthew McConaughey knows there are people who think, “Gosh dang, McConaughey just eases right into everything.” He said he wrote “Greenlights” partly as a corrective. PAGE: Hmm. ). [19] Page doubled the bass line, echoing Holmes' live performances with two acoustic guitarists. "[45], "Dazed and Confused" was the most regularly performed song by Led Zeppelin, appearing at over 400 concerts. Maybe he hated the band name, Robert Plant’s hair, whatever. And sometimes he expounds at greater length, like when I asked him how he appears to stay out of America’s toxic culture wars and cultivates liberal and conservative fans alike. Led Zeppelin’s recording of “Dazed and Confused” shares most of its musical cues with the Yardbirds version, including the violin bow. Because these cases were mostly not about Led Zeppelin’s straight covers (“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and “Boogie with Stu” being exceptions). They were sued over two separate songs by Howlin’ Wolf’s estate and lost. It sounds brutal and, as McConaughey told me, “This is the reality, but there’s humanity in that reality.” Jim was tough on his sons, too, but, McConaughey, who is the youngest of three brothers, said, “I wouldn’t give back one ass-whupping I got for the values that are ingrained in me.” When he reflects on his parents, McConaughey said, “The love was real. And I thought, oh that’s a very good riff, very haunting, quite interesting.”, The riff was Holmes’ new song “Dazed and Confused.” “The following day I went down and got his album at Bleecker Bob’s record store,” says McCarty. In fact, I think in most cases, you would never know what the original source could be… So most of the comparisons rest on the lyrics. "Dazed and Confused" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jake Holmes in 1967. Joe Satriani sued Coldplay, alleging they ripped off his guitar line in their “Viva La Vida.” Marvin Gaye’s family sued Robin Thicke, alleging he and his cowriters copied Gaye in Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines.” And bands like Led Zeppelin are in many cases being sued today for songs that are decades old. Matthew McConaughey knows there are people who think, “Gosh dang, McConaughey just eases right into everything.” He said he wrote “Greenlights” partly as a corrective.Credit...Devin Oktar Yalkin for The New York Times. "[6], The Yardbirds' major innovations were the instrumental breaks and an extended instrumental middle section. “I thought he was going to be a lawyer.”, Even so, she said that she often observed Matthew “jotting things down on small pieces of paper about what someone had said or what he thought about what was being said or a way he saw life.”, Having read “Greenlights” and seen how Matthew depicted her relationship with Jim, Kay McConaughey said, “It was a rocky and passionate love affair we had, but I do wish Matthew would have told more of the stories about me and his dad’s love, affection and commitment to each other.”, Still, she said, she regarded her youngest son as a fundamentally forthright person. [15], Singer Keith Relf initially followed Holmes' verses, but later often changed the order or mixed lines from different verses. No one can escape hardship, he said, but he can share the lessons “that helped me navigate the hard stuff — like I say, ‘get relative with the inevitable’ — sooner and in the best way possible for myself.”.


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