yorkshire mining disasters
James Scargill had just gone down in the cage to work. The expenses were borne by Mr. Ingham. The Rector was in London. The jury further desire to record their opinion that great praise is due to the gentlemen which formed the rescue parties for their action in this matter. “That sent a shiver up my spine,” said Mr Ibbeson. Maddison, Mr. H. Child, Mr. Scott and others. There was another pit known as the Water Pit which was driven from the surface to the New Hards Seam. Winding rope snapped as cage was descending. The signal to the pit bottom was at once rung, but no answer came. A man had been found still breathing. By a quarter past eight the burial service had been said for the last time and the bodies of one hundred and ten of those who perished in the explosion were consigned to their quiet resting places in our Churchyard. Altofts Colliery Normanton, 1886. Its centrepiece is “Kitty” whose eyes are fixed directly on the colliery, as her child clings terrified to her shawl. Of the nine above mentioned Joshua Ashton died two hours later and John Heywood, though most assiduously and carefully nursed, died on Thursday night. In the South Yorkshire Coal fields, tragic disasters include: South Yorkshire Coalfield has suffered some the worst mining disasters and mining accidents in Great Britain and the largest disaster in terms of fatalities in England. The tedious protraction of the inquest which kept many waiting for hours, and the natural desire to have their own dead restored to them for a short time before interment must have told heavily on them, but in spite of it all the showed wonderful forbearance. The distance from the surface to the New Hards was about 115 yards, from the New Hards to the Wheatley, 265 yards and from the Wheatley to the Blocking Bed, 25 yards. The Churchyard was so densely crowded on the Friday afternoon that the work of grave digging became impossible. Mallinson said that he never lost consciousness but amused himself riding backwards and forwards on a tram until he was rescued. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. 7 died. Customers who bought this title also bought... South Yorkshire Mining Disasters: Volume II, click here for international delivery rates. WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. Team Leader: TBC Team Members: This is the index to all mining disasters in Yorkshire. The pit formed a part of the Thornhill Colliery and was the property of Mr. T.E. Among the men were some sub-inspectors of Mines, some mining engineers including Mr. John Nevin, Mr. T.R. The Lofthouse Colliery disaster was a mining accident which took place in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England on Wednesday 21 March 1973, in which seven mine workers died when workings were flooded.


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