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“One of the greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back”

We appreciate and value the time our volunteers are able to offer by supporting us. 

Born Like Others delivers services and programs that encourage and support the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Our services fall into two categories; the children’s home as well as community outreach & evangelism.

Volunteering at Born Like Others almost guarantees that your life will be impacted in a positive way. The Love, passion, happiness, friendship, and care one experiences with the kids and staff while here is authentic, this has left many volunteers’ lives challenged and changed forever. Most Volunteers who come, never want to leave when their time is over, and they often call Born Like Others their second home.

Volunteers get an opportunity to travel around the country, visiting different communities and see many beautiful sights. Uganda is ranked one of the friendliest and welcoming countries in the world, gifted by nature. You will definitely discover why Uganda is called the “Pearl of Africa”.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising for ‘Born Like Others’
  • Funding and setting up a one off project 
  • Supporting Farming
  • Supporting children with home work
  • Helping children in sporting activities
  • Counselling and supporting children
  • School visitation to check on children’s progress
  • Outreach to the street children
  • Bible Teaching
  • Evangelism and outreach to the community
  • Supporting the reuniting of street children to their families
  • Helping with Preparing Meals, Cleaning, Visiting the Market 
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In July, I spent two weeks volunteering at Born Like Others orphanage in Masaka, Uganda. I found working with the children very gratifying and emotional, as I believed I was making a difference in their lives and hopefully their future. When I arrived in Masaka I was immediately embraced by the culture, captivating landscapes and the beautiful people. The staff at the orphanage took me in as one of their own, always feeding me delicious food and teaching me a variety of significant life skills everyone should learn. During my stay the volunteers and I interacted with the children while learning about their stories and unique personalities, helped with daily tasks around the orphanage, traveled to outside villages on outreach missions and Masaka town to visit families of the orphan’s and the street kids, as well as attending Youth Fellowship Program meetings with the older kids. I would like to thank everyone for making this experience possible and I highly recommend Born Like Others for any individual looking to help others and gain an amazing and unforgettable experience on both ends. You may not change the world or “discover yourself” but you WILL grow from it.

Cassidy Hollands

Cassidy Hollands / Voulenteer, Let's Serve Christ Ministrues

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to come and work at Born Like Others Orphanage for two weeks. During these weeks, God really worked in my heart. I had the privilege of visiting the children’s school, going to their church, visiting some of the children’s families, helping with chores, and going to the market. While here I fell in love with Uganda and these beautiful children. Every single one of them has an important and meaningful story and they all have such potential for the future.

These kids work hard everyday and they are so incredibly strong. The people that work to keep these kids happy and healthy are also so amazing. The staff and everyone on the board, and even most of the older kids. All of these people and more work non stop to make sure these kids grow up as strong, happy , and respectful individuals. I can not wait to see all of these wonderful people again next summer!

Natasha Ontko / Voulenteer, Let's Serve Christ Ministrues

When people find out your are going to Uganda to visit an orphanage, the reaction is a sentiment that says “that is so great of you to go help them”. However, I found that I was given more than I could possibly return. Ruth, gave me a giggle that brought light to my soul. Asumpta showed me precociousness that was so charming. Ronald showed me a boy that would rather do math than play, and then helped his siblings excel at math. Resty, showed me what a born leader looked like. Mama M, Deborah, Marion, and others showed me how to really work. They taught me how love looked in action, day after day without stopping.

My sincere hope is that I could ever repay all the amazing gifts the children gave me and wonderful things they taught me. I could not think of a better way to have spent those weeks of my summer.

Josh Ontko / Voulenteer, Let's Serve Christ Ministrues