Passion is key

Become a volunteer

“One of the greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back” We appreciate and value the time our volunteers are able to offer by supporting us. Born Like Others delivers services and programs that encourage and support the aims and objectives of the organisation. Our services fall into two categories; the children’s home as well as community outreach & evangelism. Volunteering at Born Like Others almost guarantees that your life will be impacted in a positive way. The Love, passion, happiness, friendship, and care one experiences with the kids and staff while here is authentic, this has left many volunteers’ lives challenged and changed forever. Most Volunteers who come, never want to leave when their time is over, and they often call Born Like Others their second home. Volunteers get an opportunity to travel around the country, visiting different communities and see many beautiful sights. Uganda is ranked one of the friendliest and welcoming countries in the world, gifted by nature. You will definitely discover why Uganda is called the “Pearl of Africa”.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising for ‘Born Like Others’
  • Funding and setting up a one off project
  • Supporting Farming
  • Supporting children with home work
  • Helping children in sporting activities
  • Counselling and supporting children
  • School visitation to check on children’s progress
  • Outreach to the street children
  • Bible Teaching
  • Evangelism and outreach to the community
  • Supporting the reuniting of street children to their families
  • Helping with Preparing Meals, Cleaning, Visiting the Market
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